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Mothman, Puppet Wolves
and the Nunahee

by Regan Lee

Not long ago, my husband “Joe” and I were talking about our childhood “weird” experiences; memories of the paranormal, or whatever word you want to use. Before I said anything, he began to tell me of something that happened to him sometimes when he was a kid. While he was in bed, furry gray “things” would gather around the edges of the bed, and tug at him, taking him away. (Neither of us remember where we went.)

I asked him if they reminded him in a way, of wolves; he said yes. Small nasty little wolf puppet, or stuffed animal-toy beings. He had never heard my story before.

The Synchronicity of Fuzzy Puppet Wolves Binnall of America, July 2007)

An online search revealed a little something about the Nunahee. I found this on an MSN message board: Native American Stories Library, where a poster describes the Nunahee:

the nunahee were the protectors of the cherokee people
and one day the chief of the nunahee came to the people and said
you have to come with us
there is great danger coming
and you will all die

In this example, the Nunahee are protectors, as well as messengers of something bad to come. Like Mothman, as many believe, who is a protector in a way, a messenger, something -- or someone -- who sees and arrives to warn.

The Cherokee connection is interesting too; it’s almost cliché to say that many UFO and paranormal experiencers are of Native descent. My grandfather was part Native; Cherokee and Lenape. (By the way, I don’t mean to say my small, furry animal creatures were Nunahee, Menehune, or Mothman, just noting Colvin’s comparing of word origins.)

I’m not sure what the “puppet wolves” my husband and I experienced in our childhoods purpose was: to protect us, warn us or maybe both? Were they guides to a liminal experience?

The point is, as we go deeper into the esoteric realm, as say, with Mothman, (or Bigfoot, or UFOs, or any number of high strangeness, anomalous experiences ) we realize there is much more to just any one specific aspect; and it’s all connected. It may seem that these “gray basket” events, as researcher Stanton Friedman calls them, has nothing to do with UFOs. And maybe they don’t, at some level. Not directly. Yet it’s possible they do on another level. I realize these seemingly contradictory, yes/no/maybe connections -- often fuzzy connections-- frustrate some researchers, particularly some UFO researchers. It’s helpful, and encouraging, to remember what UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek said:

"The part we ignore…may contain the clue to the whole subject."

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