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Danger of Collision with the Red Meteor!
by Michael Horn

Posted: 14:24 January 26, 2008

Billy Meier
Despite an abundance of specific, prophetically accurate information about coming events, many people have asked that Billy Meier provide even more. Some want to satisfy their curiosity, or to just have more thought provoking information to ponder, Others want to keep raising the bar, so to speak, demanding always more information as evidence of Meier’s authenticity and accuracy, but failing to either understand, acknowledge or act on that which was previously given.

So the following information should meet the needs of everyone, the mere curiosity seekers, the genuine truth seekers, and the governmental and military personnel that monitor this website for information.

The first information below is a new translation, direct from FIGU in Switzerland, that has not been published before. Following this translation is the text of Contact #150, from October 10, 1981, which I first had in my possession and read in 1986.

The official discovery of the object now called Apophis was on June 19, 2004 (see:

Please note that this has nothing to do with the fictitious Planet X now being discussed in New Age circles.

The Meier prophecies containing this information of course predate the “official” discovery by over 22 years. The real question is, will the scientists and governmental leaders do anything to heed and prepare for this event, so that it doesn’t have to occur?

And, of course, will you do anything to spread the information, to direct it to responsible parties, leaders, etc. – or were you just…curious?

Michael Horn

475th contact between Ptaah and Billy
(Excerpt from page 3486 of the original notes; see original *German text below)

Billy: Regarding the Danger of Collision with the Red Meteor! that endangers Earth on the 13th April 2029 and of which we have already spoken on the 16th of September, I have been asked about certain things and, therefore, would like to know how big that bloke is.

To my knowledge the terrestrial astronomers have already detected it for quite some time and are calling it Apophis or something.

It shall either hit Earth in the year 2029, or only whiz past by very closely.

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