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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingBobby Morrison, currently an IT Specialist with the Federal Government, has had a fascination with UFO's his entire life. An Air Force brat, his father spent 30 years in the Air Force as an OSI Agent. To this day, I never knew what he his father did; only that he was the dad I never had. Gone for long periods of time he was seldom home, and whatever secrets he had he took the grave with him. My father was also an abductee, as well as my grandfather. I am the latest in the long line of generational experiencers. You can contact Bobby by email at

Aliens and Abductions
2008 Year in Review - January
by Bobby Morrison

(Copyright 2009 Bobby Morrison)

Posted: 12:13 January 20, 2009

Rock Creek Medical Office
Rock Creek Medical Office
It all started on December 21, 2007, at about 10:30 in the morning. I had arrived at Rock Creek Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado at 8 am for a scheduled surgery to have a small tumor removed from the left side of my neck. I was put to sleep approximately at 9:30am, the surgery lasted 30 minutes, and I was then moved to the recovery room around 10am. Around 10:30 am while in the recovery room, I opened my eyes and saw the following:

I was lying on a narrow bed, with a sheet tightly wrapped around my body from the chest down. The sheet was tightly tucked around the edges; it was so tight that there were no wrinkles in this sheet. I was propped up on my elbows, looking around the room, and observed this.

But first I need to say this. Upon first opening my eyes, I smiled (although I am not sure I actually did smile) to myself and three words instantly popped into my head; "hey, I'm back"!

I have no idea why I thought this or what it meant. I cannot possibly imagine why this phrase suddenly popped into my mind, but I was very familiar with the surroundings. I felt very comfortable and was in no way scared or frightened of the scene I was looking at.

The room was about 80-100 feet across, circular in form and was very brightly lit. For a room to be so bright and no visible light fixtures to be found somewhat confused me. I could not determine where the light was coming from. Such a brightly lit room with no shadows yet the light was not at all uncomfortable to my eyes. The stainless steel table I was lying on was near the outside wall, but anyone could easily walk between the table and the wall. The table was about 2' wide and 6' in length, and immediately on my left side about the 10 o'clock position and 10-12 feet away was an alien. Immediately in front of me and facing me was another alien, perhaps 15' away. On my right side at the 2 o'clock position 15' away was another alien. On my right side at the 4 o'clock position was yet another alien 10' away. All of these creatures (for lack of a better term) were looking at me. I would describe them as more human form, shorter than my height of 5' 9'', but thinner with larger heads, longer arms and fingers. For some strange reason I cannot recall what the face may have looked like. All of them had their arms down by their sides. I had the feeling there were many more aliens in this large circular room, but I only distinctively remember these four.

I must say that I was in no way scared or frightened at any time. I felt like I had been there many times before, and I instinctively knew that I would not be harmed or hurt. It's almost like I knew them or had some relationship with them, whoever or whatever they were. For whatever length of time this scene lasted I do not know, but it was short. I closed my eyes briefly and told myself that when I opened my eyes again I would try to pick out more details of the aliens if I could. But when I did open my eyes, I was in the recovery room of Exempla Hospital with a nurse on my left side. It was then I realized I had not opened my eyes the first time like I thought.

Apparently I had observed a snapshot in time, a scene from the past that had somehow been hidden in my unconscious memory until this moment. Why would a scene of aliens, and this large room suddenly appear from my memory? Or had I imagined this picture, and was it was only a dream? At that time I was sure it was only a strange dream, although if it were in fact a dream, how could I remember such exacting details?

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