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Dr. Brooks A. Agnew is a PhD physicist with more than 20 years of experience measuring the earth. His development work with Ground Probing Radar makes him one the top authorities in the world on the pulse, resonance, and interference frequencies of the Earth. His best seller "The Ark of Millions of Years" is changing the foundation of religions and sciences. You contact Dr. Agnew by email at His web site is

The Hollow Earth Explorer has a New Champion
Advanced Planetary Explorations, LLC staff writer

Posted: 00:35 February 15, 2007

Dr. Brooks A. Agnew

Brooks A. Agnew, PhD has been elected to lead the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE). He is a scientist and an engineer with more than 20 years of experience as a launch manager. The religious and scientific idea that the Earth is hollow has been around for more than 600 years, carved into the celing of places like Rosslyn Chapel and reaching serious notoriety with the likes of Edmond Halley in 1692.

Now, after more than half a millennia, the first civilian expedition is being mounted to reach what the best historians in the world have determined to be the most likely location for an opening through the crust into the interior of the Earth. There have been challenges to this team already, not the least of which was the untimely and unexpected passing of the former expedition leader, Steve Currey.

In September of 2006, the team was redirected to raise funds, for what many are calling the greatest geological expedition in the history of the world, by marketing a subsequent filmed documentary to the major networks. The expedition is expected to cost around $2 million; well out of the financial range of most production companies. A sea-mounted expedition, the NPIEE is bold and offers a venue for documentaries never before imagined by the film industry.

"I cannot go to the Moon, nor can I go to Mars," says Dr. Agnew. "But I can go to the North Pole," he says with his familiar smile and zeal. This area of planet Earth has never been seen by human eyes. Utilizing leading-edge science such as side-scan sonar, dynamo sensing, and gyroscopic global circumference tracking, the team expects to precisely measure the crust and the ocean physical properties to reveal unprecedented features about our planet. Sea-water chemistry, marine life cataloging, and even magnetic measurements will be collected during the 13-day expedition to see if there is any hard evidence that might support the hollow Earth hypothesis.

Now, no experiment on this subject would be complete without the other components so vehemently demanded by millions of paranormal prognosticators. There is a multidimensional aspect to this subject matter. Many believe that there is a void in the interior of the Earth, but that it is fourth, and perhaps even fifth dimensional. These dimensions may require the observer to access higher vibrational levels than the vast sea of seeing-is-believing folks that clog our freeways. There will also be observation effects from the very measurement of these never before seen regions of planet Earth. Something or someone might be disturbed by this process. In other words, if the side-scan sonar sends a pulse across the bow of a 200-foot ship peacefully parked on the floor of the 4200-meter deep ocean, it might relocate itself. Besides being graphed by the sonar software, when that craft moves someone is going to get that movement on film.

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