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Jaye Beldo writes for Dream Network Journal, Mysteries Magazine, Paranoia and Pulse. He has discussed his work on radio programs such as Untamed Dimensions, The Grassy Knoll, The Robin Zodiac Show, Out There Radio, BBC and Capital Radio London, WGN Chicago and WLW Cincinnatti. He is the author of the New Age Murder Mystery 'A Stab in the Light'. Go to WWW.Stabinthelight.Com To access links to his blog and internet articles. He can be reached
(C)-2007-Jaye Beldo

Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology
by Jaye Beldo

Posted: 11:11 February 2, 2007

Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology

Recently I received information in regards to the USAF possessing technology enabling them to basically hack their way into the minds of individuals and wreak all kinds of havoc. When I read about the use of elfs (extremely low frequencies) and other electromagnetic/holographic means to do this, it then dawned on me that some of the dreams I was having at the time (and are still having) were most likely the result of such intrusion into the depths of my very own psyche. Before I proceed with a description of this, I’m compelled to inform the reader that I am totally sober and would willingly comply to any kind of drug testing-both urine and hair follicle versions. I have embarked on a regular practice of exercise, yoga and meditation for the last seventeen years or so and have kept dream journals for approximately twenty five years.

I’ve come to believe that our dreams are being manipulated for several reasons. Firstly, to deplete us of energy (most of the manipulated dreams are chaotic and intense, with no sense of resolve or completion). Secondly to disorient us, cut us off from the healing well springs of the archetypes themselves. Here are some of the most prominent features of the fabricated dreams that I have had:






The dreams always take place in an airports, train stations, checkpoints/border patrol headquarters and customs departments.

Authority figures in uniforms always demand to see my passport, papers and other ‘proof’ of my identity before allowing me to pass, threatening imprisonment if I don’t provide these things immediately.

The authority figures are barely human looking, i.e. they try to assume a human appearance but not too convincingly. Their faces are undefined, out of focus and usually darkened.

The dreams take place in ‘foreign’ countries unknown to me-they never replicate actual places I have been or know about in real life.

The dreams nearly always take place in the 3:30 to 6:00 AM time slot. Rarely before or after this time period

When I wake up abruptly the dreams continue playing out in my mind's eye, whereas other dreams instantly end upon waking.

Having done dream work on a regular basis for most of my life, primarily using the Jungian technique of active imagination and re-entering and working with dreams to bring them to a positive outcome, as suggested in Strephon Kaplan William’s Dreamworking Book, I immediately noticed something very anomalous and suspect about the manipulated dreams. In dreams which I think have arisen from my own unconscious mind, the characters usually are willing to dialogue and otherwise interact with me, revealing things that my conscious mind cannot-about myself and others-all to balance out the psyche and maintain equilibrium.

However, in the manipulated dreams, when I try to re-enter and derive benefit from them, the characters and even the places conjured instantly crumble or melt-like they were made out of aluminum or some other like substance. More importantly, when the images disintegrate, I then see these malicious, insectoid looking ETs that were trying to hide within the holographic costumes of the dream characters. When I look into the pile of aluminum or whatever substance that has ‘crumbled’ I usually find what I call an implant device-something that was etherically inserted to cause the dream to happen in the first place. I have done reality checks with other dreamers and they have shared similar experiences of this happening. I make sure to make drawings of these devices in my dream journal.

More disturbing however has been what I believe to be dreams manipulated or monitored possibly by Remote Viewers. Whether human or non-human doesn’t seem to matter as they want me to know that they are doing this. As an example, I once had a dream about a lawyer who was the most prominent figure through the dream. After writing the dream down, re-entering and working with it the next morning, I then signed on the internet and there was an e-mail waiting for me with the word ‘lawyer’ in the subject line. This happened in conjunction with another incident where I went to a local gas station (in real life and not a dream) and bought a scratch off lottery ticket with 7777 emblazoned on it. I went home, signed on and there was an e-mail with ‘7777' in the subject line. However, instead of getting paranoid, panicking or otherwise dissociating as surely the RVers wanted me to do, I chose to think how remote viewing could be used positively instead of in the intrusive and disturbing way as described above. It is very important to be clear on the intent of these intrusions-primarily to make us paranoid, especially of those around us and further diminish our connection with our higher spiritual selves and the earth itself.

One winter evening recentl, I was looking out of my bedroom window at the night sky. I live in a rural area and the stars were quite brilliant. One constellation jumped out at me, as if trying to provide me with an answer: Orion. Having read several books on the possibility of some of the negative ET s originating from Orion, I then realized that it was no accident that this constellation passed by my bedroom window at exactly the same time I have the manipulated dreams. (I live in the Upper Midwest in the USA for those of you knowledgable about stars and their positions) Once a skeptic, I am now sufficiently convinced that insectoid ETs are behind dream manipulation and other holographic intrusions into the psyche. My intuitions were somewhat confirmed when I read about stars with negative influences in the book Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing by Michael Simulkis and Fred Rubefeld. One of the ‘bad seeds’ in Orion indeed is Rigel where the insectoids originate. According the authors, the homeopathic use of vibrational elixirs (like cures like) will assist us in overcoming the negative influences of these beings.

Fortunately, I have been able to go into lucid dream mode during some these intrusions, i.e. become consciously aware of the negative ETs hacking into my psyche and turn the tables on them while dreaming-exposing them and using my own awareness to overcome the intrusions. What is usually exposed is the fact that these beings are very afraid, insecure and are desperate to harvest the emotional energy from humans to sustain themselves for whatever selfish agenda they may have. The most important thing is to remind ourselves of our god given sovereignty, ability to use our own consciousness to overcome these intrusions and become more able to contribute to the betterment of our imperiled planet. Knowing which dreams are manipulated and which aren't is a good place to start.

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