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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSam Willey is a young UFOlogist who wants to show that people of all ages can share a serious interest in UFOs. His research began in 2003 when he and two friends witnessed a Triangular shaped UFO. After two years of research Sam created a website known as Sam's UFO Files. He expanded the site back in late 2005 and it became Sam is also an active contributor to UFO Magazine, and UFODIGEST were he writes columns and voices his opinions on UFO's. You can also find Sam over at the forum were he is a regular contributor and staff member. Contact Sam willey by email.

Updates on the North London Lights
by Sam Willey

Posted: 12:07 February 14, 2007

See original story 'UFOs Sighted over North London'. Click here.

Last week I reported on the recent sighting of a large fleet of objects seen over North London in response to that article I received a few comments from a reader who was a witness to the event. The witness was responding to my theory that the objects could have just been balloons since many balloon releases have caused UFO events in the past he began by explained what he saw that night -

"Hello, I witnessed the orange lights in North London and have seen that they are being passed off as Chinese Lanterns. On the day in question, my wife and I were walking down Holloway Road to Whittington Park, as our son was playing football. Whilst walking, I looked up and my exact words were "what the f*** are they!". They were low enough that small aircraft were passing above them. There was a bunch at the front followed by five or six scattered, then another bunch, then some more scattered. I followed the lights back and they went as far as Highgate where it looked as though they were actually turning right. What I mean by this is that you were unable to see the rearmost ones. As they came into view it looked as though they were turning to the right in order to follow their leaders. The actual sight of them appearing from behind, what I believe to be a building, will remain with me forever. I was 'kicking myself' because I had my camera in my hand prior to leaving home but thought better of it and left it behind. They were travelling horizontally which is why I'd question the explanation given as to what they were. There was no sound from them either. It's strange how peoples' observations differ - some reports I have read state that the lights disappeared. From where I was standing, I could see cloud to the east. From my observations, the lights veered to the left into the cloud. Whatever they were, I have never seen anything like it before in my life."

As well as an eyewitness report he also mentioned further details about what he has heard in the local newspaper (The Islington Gazette) about this incident. He told me that a witness had got in contact with the police to report the lights and was told that they were well aware of the lights and were being tracked on radar however since the event they have refused to confirm that they tracked anything on radar. If these objects were tracked on radar I personally doubt we will ever see the records as we are all aware of the government and how they aren’t exactly full of helpful information when it comes to this kind of event.

Another update I have this week is in the form of a video there is currently a video of the lights available over at the Islington Gazette website which clearly shows the lights flying through the sky. This video is quite extraordinary but what does it show? Balloons or UFO’s? - Click Here.

Written and Researched by Sam Willey. Visit his websites: and

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