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Sagan Passes Prime
by Alfred Lehmberg
(Copyright 2007, Alfred Lehmberg)

Posted: 15:00 February 27, 2007

Sagan Passes Prime
Sagan Passes Prime

As regards our Carl Sagan,
A true hero of my youth,
Seems better he moved onward
Before much longer in the tooth.

Remains, he pulled me to a place beyond
Where comets have been foaming!
Smart and Brave, and flinching not,
He startled me to roaming!

He fought against Doc Condon;
He wanted what was right!
He was asking pointed questions;
He stood for Truth's bright Light!

His startup was Promethean,
He did nothing I can hate;
Then, he avoided Stanton Friedman;
He walked away from that debate.

He scoffed, and sneered, and guffawed;
He smirked at Mack's abductions.
He made our science shallower,
And he narrowed its production.

He added to our ridicule.
He took some wrongful tacks.
Late in an elitist's life,
Was he blind to brave new facts?

It's the 'honored' way of aging minds,
That they harden up with age?
Their part is all but over,
And they crap upon the stage!

They cannot say that they've been wrong,
They won't cop to newer info;
They don't tell you of some newfound truth,
Just Distort with innuendo.

History is littered here,
It's in your own experience!
The greatest can eclipse their greatness,
And betray their own ebullience.

Like Ulysses passed his presidency,
Or Lugosi passed "Plan 9."
Did Sagan take a low road?
Did he cover up some sign?

Did he do in fact what was accused?
Did he set our study back?
Did he prevaricate some issue?
Did he stab us in the back?

I'd prefer it not. Part of me remembers.
Sagan put me at the station...
...Provided passage for this old man
On the starship - "Imagination."
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