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Publisher's Note: According to Patricia Ress and Internet sources, Steven Gibbs created the HDR or Hyper Dimesional Resonator in 1985. A device that according to him has the ability to send people physically through time. This HDR / Hyper Dimesional Resonator is a time machine that can be used to allow physical time travel both to the past and the future. This article was written by Patty in the 1990s. Although the events mentioned by Steven Gibbs did not take place as he saw them in this article, he also mentions multiple timelines. It is worth a serious look. Dirk

When Time Travel Becomes Possible - Part I
by Patricia Griffin Ress

Posted: 18:10 February 15, 2007

Mainstream physics no longer considers time travel a fringe concept.
Americans have always been fascinated with the idea of traveling through time and such fascination has some moral justification. Who wouldn't want to have avert the Viet Nam War or the assassination of President Kennedy? And don't most of us wish that we could have ended World War II in some other way than dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Inherent in the notion of time travel is the belief that we could rectify past mistakes by visiting the past with the knowledge we have at the present. Its intellectual complement is the conviction that going into the future would also help us see in which direction our world headed and allow us to deal with current problems more appropriately.

But there has always been one major hitch to such grandiose ideas: no one has ever believed that time travel was scientifically possible. While some people accepted the concept that psychics and seers could project their minds into some future plane of existence to witness events unfolding there, few believed it was possible to travel bodily through the past, present, and future. Yet there were a few who did believe and supposedly did travel ahead to the future and their adventures have been the basis of a half-century long controversy. These few were the alleged participants in the now-famous Philadelphia Experiment, an event which even today evokes both amazement and skepticism. According to certain witnesses, in 1943 the U.S.S. Eldridge (a megaton destroyer) was teleported from its dry dock in the Philadelphia Naval Yard to Norfolk, Virginia - a distance of 400 miles!

It has been said that the purpose of the experiment was to see if a ship could be made invisible or - if you're a Star Trek fan - it could be a cloaking device. This was understandably of great interest to the American military, who were at the time in the throes of World War II. And it is a point of fact that during at least part of the time the experiment was to have taken place, the Eldridge was actually missing from its dry dock. But if missing, where? And when?

The destroyer was said to have been transported to another dimension - a sort of 'no man's land' from which few have been known to return. And not only were they missing in space, they were missing in time as well. And upon returning to their normal time and space most of the ship's crew (the story goes) either caught fire, got literally frozen into the hull of the ship, or went stark raving mad! The rest were repeatedly pulled back into this alternate reality to relive the horrors of Project Rainbow over and over again.

In 1953, a rumor circulated that the government has supposedly conducted another similar test with another ship and crew and that the test had been fully successful. At that point, the U.S. Navy officially canceled Project Rainbow and merged it with other similar projects under the heading Project Phoenix. This is the secret government project which is believed to have brought about the stealth bomber and all its hardware. We now have invisibility fields and shields for our ships. This can be verified by reports of our carriers disappearing off radar screens and showing up days later hundreds and thousands of miles away.

Witnesses to the Philadelphia Experiment were said to have included former crew members, dock workers who saw the U.S.S. Eldridge disappear into a greenish mist and two barmaids who summoned police when some of the destroyer's former crew members disappeared into thin air! Other evidence was brought forth by former government and military officers who had worked on the project and felt the public should know. They gave enough details and had enough official clearance to make their testimonies believable and everything else plausible. And yet, the story of the Philadelphia Experiment seems to remain inconclusive because of the problem of humans physically passing through the portals of time. Or is this a problem?

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