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The New Phenomenon of "Unknowledge"
by František Javurek

Posted: 15:00 February 27, 2007

The New Phenomenon of Unknowledge
The New Phenomenon of Unknowledge

Polish explorers in sphere of this mystery have found the new objects of interest, i.e. RODS - purportedly luminous flying objects on their photos. You can believe it but this isn´t anything mysterious. The rods are only a manifestation of limited knowledge or "unknowledge", i.e. ignorance.

A few years ago, there were the similar phenomena observed around the world - ORBS.

Most of you certainly know that orbs were already explained and tentatively duplicated many times. In spite of this fact, we can still find fanatics who distribute their "bull stories" about "spiritual energy."

Now, thanks to these "explorers," the RODS have instead become orbs. Again we can meet the ghost theory about their origin, but this is only reflects their great "unknowledge" of photography and natural processes. Thanks to the modern technological inventions of our age, we are still less and less obliged to understand and to think about their functions and properties. By these inventions, all of us can take the photos, without knowledge about function of camera and about basic principles of optics.

In connection with this and out of ignorance of nature and its processes, we very often shoot quite common things, which we aren´t able to clear up and so we search for ghosts or the similar transcedental powers as their generators. Sad to say, thanks to this we are on the way back to medieval times.

Look at the function of camera. If we look at the photos of RODS, we can see that they are often taken in a day light with long time of shutter. What are the results of this long time exposure? All moving things are noted on the film or fotochip with whole track of their movement. For example, if you take a photo of butterflay with long shutter exposure, its body will be like roller or cigar. Its wings will be blurred and several times featured on the one long body.

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