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Cristian Negureanu
Dr. Cristian Negureanu
Dr. Cristian Negureanu is a well known author and has published books since 1989! His work is well documented, very serious and he offers the readers innovating works of a great interest today. In 1990 he started to publish various articles and these are his most recent: Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003. The Gospel According to Darwin, (176 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003. Silence of the Idols, (208 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004. On the Doorsteps of the Kingdom, (176 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004. The Apocalypse of Psychiatry, (200 pages), Miracol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004. "Images from the Station/Planet Eris/Nibiru" (a synthesis of the Sumerian writings, the Bible and the Book of Enoh) is to be published at the Antet Publishing House (

Abraham, the Spaceships of the Gods and the Hiroshima of Antiquity
by Cristian Negureanu

Posted: 15:40 February 4, 2008

I'll present in the following a few aspects from the life of Abraham, the patriarch (approximately 1.900 B.C.), proving that he had encountered the Anunnaki/Elohim and their spaceships.

The direct dialogue with Yahweh/Anu, when he was asked to leave his family and house in order to go to the land of Canaan, which was to be given to the Jews:

"When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him and said when he had finished speaking with Abraham, God went up from him"(Genesis 17:1,22).

It was a spaceship. Although the Apocalypse of Abraham, the Book of Enoch and other books were dismissed as apocryphal by some religious leaders, the Bible is full of such stories. They have worked in vain and they will pay for it. Those interested in these books can read them online at:

The Apocalypse of Abraham also describes his encounter with Yahweh/Anu. Togheter with the request to leave his family behind we find out the reason for it, too:Terah, Abraham's father, was an idolater who worshipped the gods led by Enki/Azazel. Their actions (the forbidden genetic experiences used in creating the giants, who later learned about the war, magic, drugs etc.) are described in the Book of Enoch. These angels were symbolized by statues and painted wood, which are currently still venerated by many idolatrous religions and by some Christian cults (who overtook the Babylonian paganism). Let's see what faith Terah and the other idolaters had, as related by Abraham:

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