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Rare Eye Disease of Infant Resolved With Biomagnet Therapy in 3 weeks

Posted: 10:35 February 20, 2008

Holicong, PA. February 5, 2008:

The following is a Foundation for Magnetic Science, BiomagScience study about a static magnetic field therapy that helped overcome the serious disease of Strabismus and Nystagmus in an infant.

The conditions of Strabismus and/or Nystagmus are sometimes referred to as a fault in the neural system including the cerebellovestibular, optokinetic and pursuit mechanisms that normally hold the eyes or fixation (focus) steady.

Strabismus is a crossing of the eye and Nystagmus means the eyes make involuntary repetitive, rhythmic jerking and/or rolling oscillations and are not steady or focused. Manifest Nystagmus is the type of motion that never stops and is considered clinical blindness because focus is never achieved; there is no known therapy that stops or heals the condition.

BiomagScience Therapy Study: When initially viewing the 3 month old male infant, the child's eyes could not focus, but were in a constant state of rolling and rhythmically, rapidly jerking from side to side with no focus on anything - appearing to be manifest never resting.

After 3 weeks of therapy, the condition stopped and the child was able to focus. It has been suggested and is being followed that the supportive negative electromotive energy be continued in lighter therapy application on the lower cerebellovestibular system (back of the upper neck) until full adult formation in teens.

A BiomagScience Power Wafer was initially applied as therapy to the upper center of the Frontal Bone to support an increased Negative Zeta potential in the neurotransmitter fluid to create a shortening (downspin - bringing together electromotively] between growing synaptic connections to support formative correctional growth of the optic mechanisms. Once the basic response had been achieved (3 weeks in this case), the BioMagnet was relocated to the lower CVS to continue the therapy due to the possibility of the child pulling it off. The following statement is by the mother of the male infant.

"Evan was about two months old when I noticed that there was something wrong with his eyes. He was having trouble looking at objects and staying focus and looking straight into my face. His eyes would move uncontrollably in circular motion and rapidly up and down and side to side. It was scary to see the whites of his eyes rolled in circular motion as if he was in some kind of a trance or possessive state.

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