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Barbara YoungDr. Barbara Young has lived and studied Christian Mysticism for thirty years. To help achieve her destiny and gift to earth, she experienced external Apparitions of Light Figures since childhood. Her mind-consciousness education began with pre-medicine, branched into psychology, the study of altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, parapsychology and medicine, world religions and the psychology of social change. After achieving her higher degrees, she set about in 1977 on a twenty year walk-a-about to educate the public about its true purpose in life, the evolution of its spiritual nature and its Divination. In her twenty years on the road, she has appeared on many radio and television interviews, a guest speaker at Universities, and general public lectures. Visit Dr. Young's website: or email her at

In Honor of Bob Hope
by Barbara Young

Posted: 12:45 February 15, 2008

In honor of Bob Hope and a destiny well carried out.

In honor of his wife, who understood and lived for her own destiny without taking from his destiny.

During the years, I regressed many young men, who in a past life, were visited by Bob Hope during combat in W.W.II and Korean wars and before losing their lives.

And a story to add to the above reality, in the 1970šs one young man, who had been regressed and who attended one of Bob Hopešs shows in W.W.II, was at a Los Angeles Football game and when walking out after the game, the young man turned and Bob Hope was in back of him. He turned and thanked Mr. Hope for helping him to laugh for just a little in his previous life. Mr. Hope put out his hand and shook the young manšs hand.

It is also a known fact that many of the Hollywood actors and Comedians such as Bob Hope, his writer, and Red Skeleton were members of Earnest Holmes
Science of Mind Church in Los Angeles, California that began in 1926. Holmes original, but no longer practiced since his death in 1960, centered partly on an inner visual awareness into the Divine Realm as well as Metaphysical Ideals. A visual meditation was taught that allowed them to enter into Divine Temples that enhanced a sense of humor to make personšs laugh as well as study the art of writing humor in a fashion to bring out points to better the society. And most important, all were very aware of a Divine Law that states that it is wrong to belittle a person and make hurtful or damaging jokes at anotheršs expense.

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