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Phil Schneider: a conspiracy theory
by Ben Van Zee

Posted: 00:01 February 25, 2008

Phil Schneider
Phil Schneider
You can probably recount several of the "crazy" conspiracy theories you've heard in your lifetime. When listening to conspiracy theorists it is important to realize the possibility of reality behind seemingly far-fetched tales. There are those out there who want you to think that all conspiracies are far from fact, when in reality many conspiracies are closer to the truth than any of us will ever know.

In January of 1996, an ex-U.S. government geologist and structural engineer by the name of Phil Schneider was found dead in his apartment. His good friend and co-conspirator Ron Rummel had been found dead in a park three years prior to Schneider's death, due to a gunshot wound to the head. Cause of death: suicide.

Prior to their deaths, Schneider and Rummel had worked for the federal government for 17 years, after which they began to publish a magazine called "The Alien Digest." The magazine received wide circulation, but was soon brought to a halt in 1993 with Rummel's death.

Phil was convinced that his friend had not committed suicide, and had in fact been murdered. Subsequent to Rummel's death, Phil quit his job and toured the country for the next two years, lecturing on the secrets he had been privy to during his work for the federal government.

As Schneider began his lecture tour he made clear that he was going to be targeted for revealing government secrets and probably would not live long. Schneider revealed that he had been working with the U.S military to build thirteen underground military bunkers across the United States.

Schneider's story was particularly interesting because he was the first man with such a high level of security clearance - Rhyolite, one of the highest levels attainable - to spread classified information. He made claims ranging from the pernicious intentions of the United Nations to the government development of the AIDS virus. Most importantly, he spoke about the U.S. government's extraterrestrial relations.

Schneider maintained that the U.S. government has had relations with extraterrestrials for more than half a century. He attested that in 1954 the extraterrestrials signed the Greade Treaty, arranging an exchange of extraterrestrial technology for the rights to test extraterrestrial implanting techniques on U.S. citizens and livestock.

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