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The Giant Conspiracy
by John W. Milor

“These giants denied the existence of a Great Spirit, so he caused a great rain storm to come, and the water kept rising higher and higher so that it drove these proud, and conceited giants from the low ground to the hills, and thence to the mountains, but at last even the mountain tops were submerged and then those mammoth men were all drowned. After the flood had subsided, the Great Spirit came to the conclusion that he had made man too large and powerful, and that he would therefore, correct the mistake by creating a race of men of smaller size and less strength. This is the reason, say the Indians that modern men are small and not like the giants of old. They claim that this story is a matter of Indian history, which has been handed down among them from time immemorial.”9

Judging from Buffalo Bill’s autobiography, stories of these giants are obviously not limited to the middle-east. But due to the perceived lack of physical evidence, the existence of giants has long been debated. Is the Biblical text speaking of giants in an allegoric sense, or did giants really exist? In any case, simply finding fossils of giant humans would close this debate once and for all, right?

Perhaps not.

One would think that if giant humanoids were as proliferate as scripture indicates, there would be an abundance of fossil evidence to prove it. But the sad fact is, while there are mountains of documented evidence of unearthed humanoid skeletons of momentous proportions, most of these findings are nowhere to be found. Why is this?

The Smithsonian Institute, easily the largest museum complex in the world, consisting of 19 museums, 9 research centers, and over 140 affiliate museums, has had long standing problems in the cataloging and location of stored finds developing due to changing standards of administrations over the last 150 years.10,11 Instead of diffusing knowledge, as Mr. Smithson would have wished, this institution has become confused with the problems of sprawling storage. What’s worse, the Smithsonian Institute has allegedly even deliberately undertaken the task of ensuring that what they found and continue to find fits in accordance with a version of history they have decided to try to prove ever since 1881.

The cover-up and alleged suppression of archaeological evidence began in late 1881 when John Wesley Powell, the geologist famous for exploring the Grand Canyon, appointed Cyrus Thomas as the director of the Eastern Mound Division of the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of Ethnology.

When came to the Bureau of Ethnology he was a “pronounced believer in the existence of a race of Mound Builders, distinct from the American Indians.” However, John Wesley Powell, the director of the Bureau of Ethnology, a very sympathetic man toward the American Indians, had lived with the peaceful Winnebago Indians of Wisconsin for f as a youth and felt that American Indians were unfairly thought of as primitive and savage.

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