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The Old Man Who Was Not There
by Jannice Fadely

Posted: 02:30 February 24, 2008

The Old Man Who Was Not There
The wonderful oldman spent two hours with us. Showed us special magical texts. Sold us books...but wasn't there.
I am 58 now. When I was in my 20s I lived in San Francisco CA. My mom and I went regularly to the best occult book store I have ever come across. I had been going there for about three years when I and my mom had the most unusual experience there.

I do not know how the conversation started with the Old Man who was working there. I spent over two hours talking to him with my mom right next to me listening to him too. He was fascinating to listen to. My mom and I both asked him questions and he would explain in detail what we wanted to know.. He knew so much.

He explained a lot of paranormal theory to me, heavy duty stuff. He would go into the back room and bring out books for me to read. Incredible books! Huge books!

Every so often the owner would go behind the counter next to the old man to ring up a sale. She was elbow to elbow with him.

The old man took me and my mom around the book store showing us books that would help me in my studies.

I wrote a check for about $200 for the books I bought. My mom wrote a check for the books she bought. He rang them up on the till.

I was overjoyed with what I had learned. As soon as I was off work the next day my mom and I went back to the book store. I was very excited about talking to him again. Excited is putting it mildly. We looked all around for the old man. He was not there.

When my mom and I could not find him we went over to the owner and I asked her when the old man would be working again. She looked at me and asked ' what old man?'

My mom and I told her about the old man who had been working there the night before. We both showed her our checkbooks showing our purchases from the night before as proof of talking to him.

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