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Don Anderson Don Anderson was born in California and raised in Utah. During his lifetime he has had numerous remembered encounters with various species of off world beings. During this time he has been taught spiritual concepts and has developed, under their guidance, many healing abilities, the ability to walk between both worlds, and given the ability to see and deal with many different types of entities that inflict us through aura attachments, soul retrievals, etc. He has developed the ability to communicate with the higher self and has been given the understanding of the true nature of the soul. He is currently writing a book about his experiences and how they apply to life. He has been a guest speaker at numerous MUFON conferences in Utah and Idaho, as well as a guest speaker at the area 51ufo conference in Rachel, Nevada Email Don at

Praying Mantis Encounter
by Don Anderson

Posted: 12:14 February 25, 2008

It was midsummer and the weather was hot. The state of Utah was busy celebrating one of their biggest celebrations. The Pioneer days parade was going on in downtown Salt Lake City and a hundred thousand people were gathered along the parade route, admiring the floats and marching bands as they passed by. This was Utah's own unique celebration dedicated to the arrival of the first settlers who arrived in Utah back in the 1840's. But this 24th of July, 2002, would be quite different for four individuals camped in the mountains of northeastern Utah. Far away from the fireworks and pageantry they had their own agenda. An agenda far removed from what mainstream America would ever consider.

praying Mantis Encounter

As we made our way past the large reservoir filled with people water skiing and enjoying their holiday we talked, discussing their wishes for the weekend. The day was overcast as we passed the reservoir and made our way up the scenic canyon byway. Occasional rain showers pelted our car as we entered the high country pass, pouring on us from time to time in the form of sudden onslaughts. Myself,(Don Anderson) Wizard David, (a self proclaimed wizard from New Mexico, who was every bit what he claimed) a friend Sandy, and another friend Carla, (who's trailer we were spending the weekend in) all chatted and discussed UFO phenomenon and the beings who were associated with them as we admired the country we were driving through.

" I want a UFO to drop in and say hi," Sandy remarked. "I am sick and tired of the hide and seek games these guys play. They show up while you're asleep and you wake up with bruises and then you have missing time, but they never show themselves. I want to see a UFO and I want these guys to walk up to me and say 'Hi, here we are'. I am sick and tired of this! I want proof! I want to know I am not just inside some mind game!"

"What would you like me to do?" Asked the Wizard.

"Well, I want to see something," Sandy replied. "I want to know there is such a thing and I am not just imagining all this."

"Well, I could ask the Nordics if they would come," the Wizard responded. "But that would not be real proof. They look just like you and me and anyone could say 'yea, right' to an encounter like that. How about the praying Mantis? Then you would know it is real. You can't disclaim the praying Mantis. But it is always up to them if they show up. All I can do is ask if they will come."

We all nodded our heads in agreement. This is going to be something special, I thought to myself as we approached the dirt road which led to Carla's property. This could really be a special trip.

The first night was overcast as we sat on the porch of the trailer. It was a large porch; almost as large as the trailer itself. The old weathered wooden structure creaked and swayed a little bit as you walked up the stairs and across the deck. It was anything but sturdy. Yet it still supported the four of us as we sat in our lawn chairs and gazed over the mountain range sipping our coffee. Old baldy, a weathered and ancient peak loomed before us. It's granite top protruding in front of us in the night sky; the clouds hanging just above the mountain peaks.

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