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T Stokes is known worldwide as the "Consultant palmist" with over 50 years experience, working with clients discovering influences on health, romance, career, spirituality. He has many years of combined practise and blending from an array of diagnostic skills coupled to 10 years training in the Harry Edwards school of spirit mediumship and guidance, and accessing the wisdom of the multi-medical and multi-spiritual arenas of the Indo/Pak sub-continental energy flow disciplines, such as Hasthricka and Il-Mul-Kaff, have meant a sharpening and honing of clairvoyant skill ranges which can take a subject from pre-birth through the main events of the life, to the present day. You can email T Stokes at

Skull and Bones Ritual
by T Stokes

Posted: 11:35 February 18, 2008

Skull and Bones

A second boy's body has been found in January 2008, near to where a Bhopal sorcerer was sentenced to death by the public prosecutor for the ritual murder of a two year old child, Shrikath Singh, by a Madhya Pradesh court, Black Magician Mahmesh Kurmi in an effort to gain riches, killed the boy from the Aabchand village in the Sagar district, the boy missing since October 20th 2004, was found by police hidden under a shrine at Dasoi Baba.

The headless body, bore the traditional ritual marks, and smeared with holy ashes, consistent with the ancient demonic child sacrifice, called a "burnt offering".

The removal of the head, is the basis of the "skull and bones" ritual seen with U.S presidents, and in some biblical accounts is importantly covered in the Witch of Endor passage, in one more detailed scriptural account, the Witch asks for a Roman Centurion with the throat and larynx intact be brought to her, with gods authority she commands the spirit back into the body for details of the battle winner, as a reward the head is always separated from the body after and placed elsewhere.

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