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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSteve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT'S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group" and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown. Both novels are available from the Barnes & Noble Web site,, and other booksellers worldwide.Find out more about Steve's books at

Triangle-shaped UFOs are focus
of sightings, research

by Steve Hammons

Posted: 18:08 February 3, 2008

Triangle-shaped UFOs are focus of sightings, research
People who report seeing unusual objects in the sky have described many different sizes and shapes.

The basic saucer is commonly reported. Other descriptions include cigar and triangle-shaped objects.

Often, only unusual lights can be seen.

Some of the recent sightings in Stephenville, Texas, included reports of an object seemingly changing shape. This has been reported before too.

In the 1997 "Phoenix lights" incident, some witnesses saw only huge lights. Others claim they saw a massive triangle, boomerang or V-shaped object, a mile long in size, slowly drifting overhead at a low speed right over the center of Phoenix one evening.

Triangle-shaped craft have been reported in many places around the world.

These could be advanced aircraft from the U.S. or other nations. We know that some stealth aircraft tend to include a kind of one-wing design. U.S. stealth bombers seem to have somewhat of a boomerang shape.

Whether these kinds of craft are of U.S. origins or from points unknown, what are their capabilities? Do they have propulsion or anti-gravity systems that use advanced knowledge of physics? Does stealth technology allow them to visually appear and disappear? Can they fly near the ground like a conventional aircraft and also operate in space? What other capabilities might they have?

What if one evening you looked up in the sky and saw a large triangle-shaped craft? You might think, "Our military people really shouldn´t be flying top-secret planes around like that where people like me can see them."

Depending on how the craft behaved and maneuvered, and what your gut feelings were, you might think, "Hmm … that sure doesn't seem like a regular plane, even a high-tech one." You might wonder if it was "not one of ours."

That's what happened in the climax of my first novel, MISSION INTO LIGHT.

Members of the classified Joint Reconnaissance Study Group (JRSG) had been aware of a huge UFO over Phoenix, witnessed by hundreds or thousands as it gently drifted diagonally across the state and the metropolitan Phoenix-area "Valley of the Sun." The JRSG even did a bit of further research into it.

Later the team traveled to the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona to attend a special conference of sorts. Joe Bear, a former U.S. Marine Navajo Code Talker in World War II, helped organize it. The event was being held in the Monument Valley region, in an ancient kiva, or sunken circle in a small hidden canyon.

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