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Confirmation and Update on Secret UN Meeting Discussing UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D

Another aspect of the following report is that it was claimed that India would have a difficult time processing disclosure of extraterrestrial life, possibly leading to the elimination of Hinduism. This appears inconsistent with India’s long tradition of advanced technologies and extraterrestrial life in its Vedic texts, and multiplicity of gods. If, as the confidential source claims, that Roman Catholics will have an easier time with disclosure due to the belief of “three Gods in one”, so too might a religion like Hinduism which has a multiplicity of gods and is very eclectic.

I believe that the mention of India as a country that might experience disclosure problems is likely a fabrication intended to confuse disclosure related issues. When combined with the use of the descriptive term for extraterrestrials, “The Controllers” designed to trigger a particular psychological reaction and lead discussions in a certain direction, the possibility that the information is being relayed through an intelligence agency with expertise in psychology operations cannot be discounted. In the earlier message (February 13), Clay’s and Shawn’s confidential source (A) referred to an Admiral who was the ultimate authority for disclosure of the UN meeting to UFO/exopolitical community. Is this evidence that the Office of Naval Investigations is involved in the UFO disclosure initiative at the UN, or at least filtering information to be released to the UN and general public?

Most interesting for me was contrasting the agenda of the meeting revealed by Clay’s and Shawn’s confidential source (A) , and what I had been told by my independent source (B) who confirmed the UN meeting had occurred. Source B focused on issues concerning the release of restricted technologies for new energy sources and a document for feedback, while source A focused on population growth and religion. Curiously, source A did not mention any document being circulated to UN member states for feedback.

In conclusion, I am now satisfied that a meeting took place at the UN headquarters in New York of February 12 to discuss the issue of UFOs and extraterrestrial. What transpired at the meeting itself appears to differ according to the confidential source (A) Clay and Shawn have cited, and the independent source (B) used to confirm the meeting. The emergence of the alleged document circulated at the meeting and relayed to key ministries of other nations will help considerably in clarifying what was discussed and the accuracy of these respective sources. The possible role of the Office of Naval Intelligence in filtering information that is being related through source A is something that cannot be discounted when considering what was specifically discussed at the UN meeting. I look forward to reviewing any documents circulated at the meeting to get a better idea of the agenda issues discussed involving the role the UN would play in public disclosure of extraterrestrial life.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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