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A Look At After Death Communication
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 15:00 February 24, 2008

"Life brings forth that which is unlike itself in order to be healed." - Judith Guggenheim

What exactly happens after the moment of death is a question that everyone has asked at one point in their life. Countless groups and individuals have tried to theorize on what does happen, others claim we won't know for sure until we actually experience it firsthand.

Judith Guggenheim
Judith Guggenheim is an after death researcher. Her most surprising After Death Communications - ADC's - were those involving physical effects that happened without explanation. She found the range and scope of ADC's included anomalies with electrical devices, objects moved and things appearing where they normally wouldn't be. It was as if the recently deceased made communication with the bereaved for reasons known only to them. Guggenheim doesn't know how this physical phenomenon is achieved by the deceased but it seems they have the capacity of affecting our physical realm in ways that the living doesn't understand. She discovered to her surprise that ADC's can be created through telephones, pagers, answering machines and even computers to alert their loved ones to the reality of heavenly realms.

Guggenheim has found that most cultures and religions have established various viewpoints of life after physical death and affirmed that life and love are eternal. Some religions in western culture advocate that we do not transcend the physical body immediately at death but will have to wait until a later time before being called to Heaven. These groups speculate that this calling will come when Gabriel or another spiritual being of authority blows a horn. According to these groups, entry to Heaven depends on the clarity and purity of the individual's faith during their life here. Other cultures affirm multiple lifetimes - reincarnation - but much of the ADC research that Guggenheim is involved with can't affirm or deny this possibility. She says that some groups believe that contact with deceased ones by the living is feasible and is often valued as guidance for fulfilling their lifetime mission on Earth.

Guggenheim hopes that for those who life in the 21st Century and beyond will be able to "prove" the reality of life after physical death. Some say we do have vast compelling evidence to substantiate proof of life after death, other argue that it is wishful thinking, an invention of some as they feel that death without an afterlife is too awful of a prospect to face. It has been suggested that the near death experience offers great insight into our future after death. Some people have claimed to receive intervention from celestial beings such as angels, spirit guides and similar beings. It also been said that several million people worldwide have experienced at least one ADC encounter from a deceased loved one without use of a psychic, medium, ritual or device. These first hand accounts seem to offer compelling evidence that people survive physical death. It is contended that in this millennium we will be able to determine, through scientific means, a way to satisfy the need to know.

What can one expect when they pass from this life to the next? Guggenheim anticipates that we take ourselves with us when passing from this physical reality. This includes all of our memories, personality traits and perspectives. She expects that we see our loved ones who passed on before us, acting like a welcoming committee to greet us. There are those who had a NDE that reported they were guided into the Light by an escort. Guggenheim says it has been suggested that this gentle transition is available to everyone regardless of the who, when and how they died. Personal freewill is also taken with a person upon death, so they have the option of accepting or rejecting the escort's service. From there, one is likely to enter the realm that best suites their consciousness as it developed during their lifetime. This includes the person's perspectives, beliefs, viewpoints and expectations at their time of death.

It could be argued by skeptics that there isn't any proof to the continuity of consciousness beyond death. Is it possible that one could create a reality that includes a temporary oblivion? Guggenheim finds it comforting that we are being administered to by angels who have our best interests at heart and will try to guide us out of any perspectives of our own making. This can be a tough resolution to achieve as it challenges preconceived viewpoints that a person has and to take a look at life after death from other angles.

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