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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingBobby Morrison, currently an IT Specialist with the Federal Government, has had a fascination with UFO's his entire life. An Air Force brat, his father spent 30 years in the Air Force as an OSI Agent. To this day, I never knew what he his father did; only that he was the dad I never had. Gone for long periods of time he was seldom home, and whatever secrets he had he took the grave with him. My father was also an abductee, as well as my grandfather. I am the latest in the long line of generational experiencers. You can contact Bobby by email at

Aliens and Abductions
2008 Year in Review

by Bobby Morrison

(Copyright 2009 Bobby Morrison)

Posted: 14:30 February 26, 2009

Aliens and Abductions - 2008 Year in Review - APRIL

April 2008 turned out to be yet another abduction month. Did I expect otherwise, I asked myself? No, not really, and why in the world would abductions suddenly stop anyway after more than half a century?

I was right, abductions and attempted abductions continued unabated; it was only wishful thinking on my part.

The Grey's were on a roll and I was easy pick. After 50+ years I was well known to the Grey's, but I was also starting to learn much about these aliens, the aliens I refer to as the Grey's.

My secret life with the Grey's had been buried deep within my unconscious memory until that day in December 2007.

Since that day in December, I was learning. Each day and each abduction was teaching me more about my adversary. Regardless of whether the abduction failed or proceeded normally as planned, I learned something from each event.

As much as I hated to be abducted by the Grey's, I was learning much from them, regardless of how hard they tried to keep my memory hidden from me. I learned what 'screen memories' were, and how difficult it is to separate fact from fiction.

They Grey's had been successful at keeping themselves and my abductions hidden in my unconscious memory, but as the days went by I was learning how to uncover these events and recall some of my abduction experiences.

I had accidentally stumbled across a way to recall some of my abductions. In so doing, the bits and pieces of my life were starting to take shape, much like a puzzle. At first none of this made sense, but as the holes slowly filled in, the overall picture was becoming apparent to me.

My biggest question was one of whether this was accidental or intentional. As time passed I am of the opinion that my becoming aware and learning about the Grey's was intentional. But why would the Grey's allow me to recall these events and let me see and experience my secret life when it had been buried for so long? A question I don't think will ever be answered.

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