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Part II

by Vincent R. White

(Copyright 2009, Vince R. White - All Rights Reserved)

What do we have here?

A glowing high-speed helicopter, or field propulsion?

"The Night of 'The Jumpers' "

Let's add the observations of another separate group founded by veteran researcher, Bill Hamilton.

On May 28, 1991 during a full moon night, just south of the Northrop facility, the group initially saw a light emerge from a ridge in the Tehachapi's. The light was white, and moved westward, reached a definite location, and in Bill's words, "started strobing with fluorescent red and white lights."

Bill Hamilton confided:

"It began to jump and dance in erratic movements".

The group detected the "silhouette" of a boomerang shape against the fading dim light. Bill describes, "A second and third object appeared".

This group's founder named these objects "Jumpers" for their impossibly rapid movements.

The next night, over a dozen additional group members saw more than two dozen boomerang-shaped "Jumpers". A large, triangular craft that "flew forward, backwards and on its side" was also sighted that night.

We have again here, unambiguous non-aerodynamic vehicles sighted by many witnesses. Mysteriously, although photos were taken, nothing registered on 1000 ASA film. It certainly registered visually and in the memories of the participants.

In all of this aerial circus, no jet fighters from George AFB or Edwards AFB roared overhead to intercept these exotic craft. A clear signal that this activity was known and sanctioned as "our" test flights.

Skeptics dishonestly throw this unambiguous data out, while empiricists diligently add it to a large highly anomalous sighting database.

More Woodshed Punishment

The facts must be faced. Discard prejudice, preconception, misconception and rumor. The juxtaposition of aerospace facilities and an array of very exotic vehicles, clearly sighted, was no coincidence.

Ignore this, and risk, at your peril, the prospect of a very painful surprise.

"Ludicrous!" shout the skeptics, "It couldn't be kept secret!" the yell.

My answer is that it wasn't kept secret, except to the millions relying on mass media and aerospace journals.

One editor of Aviation Week & Space Technology (AW&ST) Magazine lived in the Antelope Valley and knew the founder of one of the privately organized observation groups personally. Yet none of the really spectacular sightings, unambiguous saucer-shaped field observations made it into AW&ST.

The multi-billion dollar question is "Why?"

"Why" is right! Especially, when this same AW&ST editor never let a single squeak of a comment appear in the pages of this prestigious space age chronicle of our times about the fact that an entire room of his home was devoted to an archive of books, periodicals and reports, ALL on UFOS.

If the lazy avoiders of the import of these sightings became suddenly aware of what they were neglecting, the shameless avoidance of this nexus of many highly exotic sightings and activity should result in much consternation and apologies aplenty.

Jane's Defense Weekly (JDW) also missed these sightings.

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