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Steve Hammons writes about Remote ViewingSteve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT'S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group" and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown. Both novels are available from the Barnes & Noble Web site,, and other booksellers worldwide. visit Steve Hammon's website at

Can more UFO data be revealed
by U.S. Government?

by Steve Hammons

Posted: 00:27 February 20, 2009

A most terrible night
Some people suspect that at least one craft from another planet and/or dimension crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in the summer of 1947, and that this incident was part of the beginnings of highly-classified U.S. Government research, intelligence and defense-related activities.

Some people doubt this or are very skeptical of this possibility.

Others may have inside information that there is some truth to the Roswell case and subsequent developments, but for one reason or another they help keep the sensitive situation in a semi-secret status.

Now, with a new U.S. Government administration and new leaders in key positions throughout the government, those who believe that information on UFOs should be more fully released to the public are making their cases.

However, if information related to this topic is buried in deep "black" programs, or even within organizations that have been separated from the U.S. Government, it might make an information-release process more difficult.


In recent months, some other national governments have released "UFO files" to the public.

People who reviewed information in these releases could easily come to the conclusion that "something" interesting probably is at the core of many of incidents and circumstances noted in government reports on this subject.

Whether part of a planned effort or not, these releases seem to be serving as a gradual acclimation for the international public about the topics of UFOs and possible visitors to Earth from elsewhere.

In the U.S., information continues to surface indicating that similar acclimation and education efforts for the American public may have been going on for several decades. These activities may have included introducing ideas and concepts into movies, TV shows and other media.

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