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Greek UFO Cover-Up and Smoking Gun
by Michael Cohen
(Copyright © 2009 Michael Cohen)

Posted: 12:30 February 8, 2009

Just yesterday All News Web published a story regarding an incident that occurred in the skies above Athens in Greece.

A captain of an Olympic Airways flight (266) from Athens to London noticed a strange bright object following his plane-his sighting was then corroborated by the staff of two radar stations and observation towers on the ground, one being the control tower of the Athens Airport and the other being a Greek Air Force radar station in the mountains above Athens.

F-16 jets were scrambled to intercept the object.

The incident was kept secret for over a year until a number of Greek media outlets publicised the story based on leaked documents and testimony.

Now it can be revealed that the initial aviation authority report that documented this most interesting event and was brought to light by a number of Greek media outlets was mysteriously pulled off the web within days of being published and replaced by a heavily censored version!

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(The two versions can be seen below)

The specific paragraphs censored were the ones that made mention of the fact that two radar stations saw the object and far more importantly that the person asked to observe the object by the chief controller of the Air Force Radar Station noticed that it Started to gain altitude and shot off heavenward.

Question: According to most governments UFOs pretty much don't exist, do people hide knowledge that they don't have? Was this a blatant attempt to cut out the bits that would make the ensuing 'Venus' explanation seem most absurd? Can anyone that spends their life watching the sky get it that wrong and confuse a rapidly moving object with Venus for over three hours as indicated by the report?

Would the authorities go to such trouble, censoring rather obscure articles, to merely avoid embarrassing the military? After all no one could ever prove conclusively that it was Venus that was seen. Had this been about secret military operations what would this event have revealed anyway? Many might argue that all this pretty much leaves only one logical conclusion.

What could be that secret that would compel a government in a relatively small nation to insist that a seemingly trivial document of only limited general interest get pulled off a few Greek language sites-or is there a larger organization at work here?

Story source: Used with permission.

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