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The Need To Be Cleansed of Mediocrity
by Ron Murdock

Posted: 13:00 February 16, 2008

The church needs to be part of the solution not the problem. Life does get ugly at times but to focus on it is to miss the beauty of God's creation. Church members can't afford to get their opinions get mixed in with what they think God wants or requires of them. Plus it can become easy enough to be spiritually impoverished to the point they can't enjoy themselves, other humans or even God. Not that perfection will ever be achieved but church members and adherents must avoid twisting and manipulating biblical teachings for their own ends. Or taking the Bible teachings out of context to support secular viewpoints of the day or gain support of special interest groups.

The Universe and Planet Earth are diverse in their beauty. Yet too many both have become flat and grey. But God wants us to take part and recognize the beauty surrounding us. Spirituality is a part of life not a separate entity. It doesn't need to be confined to the knick knack section at the nearest Christian book store. In past years I went to church and thought of being outside, so I went outside and thought of God.

God created the Heavens and the Earth without help from the Church. So we can give up the idea of giving God, the Universal Landlord, and a hand in running things. While it is important to share ones faith, we must avoid thinking we are doing it for brownie points or competing for the amount of souls saved.

How many people think they are not worthy of God's grace or mercy? So how the message is presented is of most importance, whether it is face to face, media sources or other forms of communication. The main thing is to wake people up from their sleep consciousness and get them following where the Holy Spirit would lead them. Shortcuts on the road of life cheapen the experience of getting where we're going. Heaven is our destination but for now we are there, so let's make the best of the journey.

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