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Publisher's Note: We have been publishing eyewitness reports of unusual sightings plus provocative photographs that may be nothing else other than the objects they resemble at first glance: airplanes, helicopters, kites etc. The reason we publish these stories and photographs is because extraterrestrial craft can mimic other machines and make us believe they are something else, something we expect to see. Another reason we publish is to show that some among else may see objects that are not there or that they wish were there. Regardless we value your opinion in determining what this objects are.

Unknown Object Photographed
Below Crest of Niagara Falls!

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 18:30 February 12, 2009

On January 21, 2009 I received an email and a series of photographs from Darryl who used the submission form in the left side column.

Whatís truly amazing is the Darryl put on his reporterís hat and contacted Transport Canada and had the government agency start an investigation focusing on Darrylís description of the event and his spectacular photo of Niagara Falls.

Replies to Darryl's inquires to Transport Canada.

Your query to Transport Canada regarding

Reply from Robbi Jordan, Communications Manager, Civil Aviation

This is Darrylís story:

It was early, by my standards, 6:35 a.m. Monday morning, June 2, 2008. Darryl was staying at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada. He was on the 18th floor looking out his room window. Darryl was there for a couple a days "for a getaway". He said that he also have another picture of the object and would send it to me. He said that he saw it in the sky and the new photo was taken from the parking roof of the Fallsview Casino and that he only spotted the object by accident.

Photo enhancement by Bruce Jessop,
Producer of the Award Winning Fastwalkers DVD.

He was just taking e a few snapshots of the falls to keep as souvenirs of his trip. Remarkably, he did not see the object on the right side of the photo that appears to be hovering directly over the basin of Horseshoe Falls.

Darryl said that he spoke to a pilot who stated that a copter of the size would not survive that close to the falls with all the turbulent conditions below the crest of the falls and the heavy water from the mist...

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