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The Connections between Saint Louis New Orleans Cathedral and movie Bloodline
Rose Marble Slab found on Station of Cross at New Orleans Cathedral
by Carolyn S.

Posted: 12:00 February 20, 2009

After seeing the movie Bloodlines by Bruce Burgess, Rene Barnett, and Ben Hammott, I remembered that Ben talked about seeing a rose marble slab underneath the embalmed corpse in the cave which had the Templar cross on it. I had sent Ben Hammott a copy of an article that I sent UFO digest about the similiar stain glass windows that paralleld Ben's journey on discovering the Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar which is the title of his book.

This is a Templar burial where the body is being carried to the tomb. This stain glass window is next to The station of the cross where Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary are looking at Jesus on the cross.

Ben Hammott pointed out that Pere Dagobert was priest of the church in Saint Louis. Dagobert was a name linked to the Merovingions. A bloodline which in the book Holy Blood Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln suggests is a possible bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Now this Pere Dagobert has a miracle intertwined with him in that the Spanish had the French revolutionaries bodies rot rather than given a decent burial. Yet Pere had their families all meet in Saint Louis Cathedral where the bodies appeared and were burried in the Saint Louis Cemetary NO.1. Dagobert's ghost is said to visit the cathedral from time to time.

In Ben Hammotts book and his movie there is discussion of more bodies being buried in this Templar tomb.In the Stain glass window by the tower there is a family by a tower watching the burial. Could there be more bodies buried with the other body? Ben Hammott was able to look under the shroud with the Templar cross and see a body laying on what appears as a rose marble slab. Could it be a rose marbled sarcophagus that entombs another body Ben asks?


Enlarged area on stain glass window of Templar Burial at Saint Louis Cathedral of New Orleans.

Station of the Cross taken at Saint Louis Cathedral New Orleans
Notice the Rose Marble Sarcophagus and the three crosses in the corner

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