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Finances, Fuel, Food and...Volcanos?
by Michael Horn

Posted: 00:00 February 23, 2009

NOTE: The following contact conversation contains information pertaining not only to the ever-expanding financial crisis but also to the true status of the virtually depleted petroleum reserves, the folly of using bio-fuels (such as corn), and the use of food products for the feeding of domestic pets, as they both irresponsibly consume valuable foods that should be made available for human consumption. (There is also work being done on algae as a fuel but the combustion-based technologies are still a doomed dinosaur.)

Additional information pertaining to how to monitor volcanoes, so as to accurately foretell exactly when they will erupt, should receive special attention from our scientists, as we have been plainly and clearly warned by Meier and the Plejaren that we have entered a time where we will see "apocalyptic" changes occurring on the planet, with mega-quakes and volcanic eruptions playing a major part.

All of the above, specifically addressed, issues are directly tied in to irresponsible human overpopulation. Taking each of these, and all of the other problems on earth that Meier and the Plejaren claim are linked directly to overpopulation, and thinking them through logically and objectively, should clarify the causal relationships, as well as reveal the magnitude of human ignorance, greed and the lack of plain common sense.

The only remaining questions are, will we finally wake up andÉdo we still have time to make the necessary changes?

More on the already known methods and technology for monitoring volcanic activity can be found at links such as:

Please feel free to share this information with all concerned.

Please also note that the translation below has the original German text followed by each corresponding English translation.


Billy MeierExcerpt from the 469th Contact Conversation of 11th August 2008

Please note, this is a Non-Official Translation, and it may contain errors.

Faithfully translated into English language by JosŽ Barreto Silva Đ

Brazil, Sunday, 8th February 2009, 18:43:13

Billy: ... But can you now tell me something of which you had already spoken earlier, namely concerning the bank crash in the USA. Is the roughest part now past?

Ptaah: No, because the whole thing is growing even more and by middle of September will lead to the big bank collapse and to the financial crisis in the USA, from where this Crash will spread to the global financial world and major insurance companies, from which first Europe will be involved to a special degree.

(UPDATE: February 18, 2009 and see also: Nos. 37, 38, 39)

Billy:  Yes, then something can be expected.  Here I have another question concerning the petroleum extraction: How much time do we have to calculate until the petroleum extraction with respect to the worldwide reserves is exceeded?

Ptaah:  It has already been exceeded for quite some time, which, however, is concealed by the petroleum producing states and by groups of companies.

Billy: Is this also the case with Saudi Arabia?

Ptaah: Yes.

Billy: The petroleum producers are pumping water under the petroleum deposits in order to drive the petroleum up to the surface. In the course of time it can happen that the water rises above the petroleum reservoir and then, in the end, only this water is extracted.

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