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Publisher's Note: We have been publishing eyewitness reports of unusual sightings plus provocative photographs that may be nothing else other than the objects they resemble at first glance: airplanes, helicopters, kites etc. The reason we publish these stories and photographs is because extraterrestrial craft can mimic other machines and make us believe they are something else, something we expect to see. Another reason we publish is to show that some among else may see objects that are not there or that they wish were there. Regardless we value your opinion in determining what this objects are. Dirk

Weird Object in Wichita
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 12:15 February 7, 2009 and updated: February 11, 2009

Update February 11: Photo enhancement by Bruce Jessop,
Producer of the Award Winning Fastwalkers DVD.

The majority of the evidence, including photographic evidence and testimonies from present and past air force personnel makes me believe the object photographed by Daniel is a B-2 Stealth transporting a Drone similar to the SR-71 Blackbird. Please read all the comments and then make up your mind as to what you believe it is. Dirk

Received an email from Daniel on February 6, 2009. He used the submission form located in the left hand column. He states that he took the photo above the same day. His location was East of Wichita. At first glance I thought that he had just captured a plane or a jet flying low to the ground. But that's not what Danial thinks!

He was taking photos of a construction site East of Wichita, Kansas when he heard a buzzing-whirling sound.

The object or "thing" as Daniel calls it came out of the clouds and streaked past "faster than anything I have every seen!"

Because Daniel lives in Wichita he claims to be familiar with every kind of aircraft from Boeing and McConnell Air Force Base.

He describes the object as being black and very shiny with a surface similar to glass. "You can see the glass reflecting off of it. The pink circular pattern in the sky was only there for 10 seconds or so", said Daniel.

I still think it is a jet, perhaps a prototype of a jet fighter with a new design. The surface looks similar to planes I have seen on television including the series Stargate and others.

Daniel would like to receive feedback. You can email him at

What do you think? Send me your comments and I will post them here.

February 7, 2009: Daniel sent in this comment: "If it is an aircraft it is unbelievably fast. Faster than an F-16 which we see all the time. Anyway it was awesome to see."


February 7, 2009: It looks like the space shuttle on the back of an airplane. I would check to see if they were moving one of the shuttles from one coast to another...saw it before when I lived in AZ - vampira309

February 7, 2009: I'm afraid it looks like a crow to me. I'm not sceptical of UFOs I wish it was a UFO, I've seen a few myself, but all I can see in this image is a crow flying past in the foreground some trees, some contrails and maybe another bird toward the top right just to the right of the lens flare, although it could be an ET mother ship hard to tell from a microscopic speck :) But I'm certain there's a bird flying past in the foreground (probably a crow) you can even see it's beak. - Amanda - Cardiff UK

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