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Book Review

"Hiding Our Flying Saucers Plain Sight"

by Vince White

(Copyright 2010, Vince White – All Rights Reserved)

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


The Cover-up Exposed 1973-1991


Posted: 18:22 February 9, 2010

There are many bundles of words calling themselves books.  A steady current of such splashes and streams across the publishing world. It feeds tastes and desires.

It diverts the voyeur and entertains mass society.

Then there are books that define our age, and light paths to tough truths, and force a facing of unpleasant realities. These are books that require real courage and integrity, with the strength to tackle real conspiracies, in a land where the oft thrown barb is:

"You don’t believe in that conspiracy junk, do you"?

In effect this book says:

"Hell yes, and here is why!"

For, in this world, real strength is essential to tackle the greatest taboos and sacred cows in the hierarchy of myths and fog castles of popular delusions. The literary pseudo iconoclasts, wearing their enfant terrible hats, will hold the line of orthodoxy, some giggling and making derisive noises, as they continue to reveal and expose their awful ignorance.

They will airily arrogantly ignore this truth fortress of facts. What recognition is grudgingly allotted will be smeared in "snarky" snippets.

These empty ripostes will never address the actual arguments, the ideas of books such as this, as the lions of things literary continue to prostitute themselves for the status quo, laughing at genuine  lovers of truth as they carry the freight of a fictitious world until the day it collides with the disclosure "death star " that will end the evasion that is still possible hiding under the skirts of mother secrecy.

Such books are rare. This book’s thematic integrity pulls the serious reader along   a chain of events connecting to many strands of hidden history, weaving them into a panorama that paints an immense, stunning and  starkly dark era, still unknown and  unrecognized by the sleeping academic and media world.


Richard M. Dolan’s "UFOs & The National Security State" documents an era when our republic was lost, marking a period of time when an infant terrible of fearful response, birthed by the National Security Act of 1947, grew immense and nearly omnipotent in its ability to dissemble and hide plain truths from the American people.

That Cold War child of paranoia, a "National InSecurity State" of mind, grew into A modern and gigantic military industrial complex that thrives on fear, distrust, enemies foreign, enemies domestic, enemies imaginary and some real.

It also exhibits a voracious appetite for rivers of cash, approved, and off the books...answerable to no one, not even the President of the United States.

This history dares to explore the full consequences of the evidence it so amply documents.  It makes a credible case for even a possible "break-away civilization" that is the result of the 60 plus years of hidden scientific and technological progress, derived from ET crash/retrievals back engineering.

This reviewer asks, does this history lend substance to the reports of an  "underground city" in the Tehachapi Mountains, some ninety miles from Los Angeles, manufacturing the ships of a secret space fleet?

Is this rumor true, along with a network of vast underground bases, and facilities, including "saucer shapes" seen in hanger bays in mountains near Nellis AFB by reputable service people?

Are these samples of what the taxpayers of this nation have bought?
Do we already have secret bases on Luna and Mars?  Or even a next physics paradigm?
Is this where Trillions of dollars have vanished?: Author Richard M. Dolan

Read this book and make an independent judgement.

Who is counting?  Congress is not. This once hidden corner of our nation, now is front and center in its starring role, and it presently sits astride our former republic, and ruling it by secrecy. Our governance has slipped out of the visible and into un-elected, unknown, transnational twilight.

This work tallies fact by fact, costs of maintaining a two-tracked history, and the slow erosion of our republic’s ethos and its institutions has led us into a secret over-lordship of our government and theft of the National Treasure by a shadow corporate enterprise.

This second salvo of intricate vignettes, episodes, happenings, freeze frames is made meaningful and suddenly comprehensible in a virtuoso display of assembling the precise facts that make up the clear depiction of a shadow world of embryonic global governance.  It is a transparent and secret government (like "The Invisible Government" declared in a New York Times editorial as far back as 1958). It has become the model of a Machiavellian global rule, whose nexus is a power base maintained as "status quo" and founded on the great lie of our age, i.e. that human beings comprise an "intelligent," but cosmically-isolated world and that mankind, the pinnacle of creation, stands unique in intelligence, self-reflecting and alone in the Universe.

This historic work by Richard M. Dolan portrays this proto-planetary ascendant power as no other historian has actually done before. Unlike others, with their committees of hundreds, or "Illuminati" circles, who miss the central impetus of Our age, still shrouded in deepest blackness, of the Midas-like hoarding of  a technological and scientific treasure chest, this work makes boldly clear, a  persuasive and almost palpable flow of cabals and conspiracies that fueled and fed this monstrous waxing of a detour into a breakdown of trust  and usurpation of our ethos.

Lunar UFO photographed by Apollo 12

This work tallies, fact by fact, the cost of maintaining a two-tracked history, and the slow erosion of our republics ethos and institutions through a subversive process, which has taken us into a rule by secrecy and theft on a global scale by a shadow corporate enterprise.

Open minds, young or new to the responsible citizen effort to understand and preserve the land they love, will find their lives never to be the same. This book will be a key learning event, and, those young and new minds so armed with truths, can then work to heal the monstrous damage already done to our system.

This is a book for those hungering for truth, justice, equity, and honesty. It also formulates a plan to defend and extend the ideals we stand on, freeing from the lies about what is in our skies, and able to act with understanding when living in a nation with a 24/7/365 media machine pouring out a river of numbing nonsense.

That nonsense includes one of the worst conspiracies of all, namely, the conspiracy to believe that there are no successful conspiracies or even the possibility of events of a conspiratorial nature to be found anywhere in recent history.

This book is a one in a generation, a chapter and verse bible of clarifying the actions necessary to guide us in the great restorations ahead.

For those still sleeping, it predicts a day, when this reality will impact many like a bucket of ice water, tossed some morning of surprise that will shock and awaken many out of the sleep of ignorance. But others will just go back to sleep.


Kansas City, Missouri

January 22, 2010


By Richard M. Dolan
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