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Excerpts from Doc Edwards' new book on "Alien And Extra-Terrestrial Religion And Spirituality" will be run exclusively in UFO Digest. Be sure to check back from week to week to insure that you have read the latest installment. You can email Doc Edwards at Check out his new website at

How To Make Direct Alien Contact
by Doc Edwards

Posted: 11:20 February 13, 2010

Concerning The Special Information Disseminated In This Article

In twenty-two years of , sometimes quite close, contact and involvement with beings that I have no doubt are nothing less than what they appear to be,that is, of certainly an inter-dimensional, if indeed not, an alien and extraterrestrial, origin, I have never had one negative, unpleasant, or bad occurrence to happen to me, either before, during, or after these contacts; actually, quite the opposite has always happened: In some way or manner, totally inexplicable to me, and in a normal cause and effect and inconsequential way, some extremely good or fortuitous coincidence, or more often than not, series of coincidences, have always followed each of my total of sixteen contacts with these entities. And while they have not directly communicated to me their exact place of origin, these particular beings have, at least by their lack of protest or contradiction on the few occasions when I asked through an indirect comment or remark, "Exactly from where and what is your origin?", allowed me to assume by indirect inference that it was in the constellation of Tau Ceti.

Now, with that having been said, you might rightly ask, "Which ones, out of all the different types of aliens that ostensibly have visited our planet, did you actually encounter?" And as I have stated before in an earlier article on the subject, the beings that I always encounter are obviously of the "Nordic" type that you have probably read a great deal about already. I would only add as an editorial comment, based upon first hand experience and involvement, that some of what you have read is true, some is not,...and leave it at that. You might also ask, "Well, was it just an everyday sort of meeting, much like seeing some old friends?" And while, I have never, for so much as a second, thought or felt these entities to have, in each of these encounters, anything but my own highest and best interest at stake, still, I would have to answer that question in the negative: "No, it was not --- not EXACTLY at least --- as relaxed and informal as meeting with some old friends." How possibly under such abnormal , out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, could it be?"

In each meeting and encounter, there is always a somewhat formal, very business-like, air of absolute seriousness, along with, prior to each of these encounters, a series of, what I can only describe to you as," dream-like suspensions of reality", though, not dreams as one normally dreams them, but rather more of a series of intense "waking fantasies" that I have always assumed (though never corroborated) to have been initiated by those I would soon encounter after each of these advance, dream-like inductions. Each episode is like an "Introduction" or "Preparatory Induction" in what to expect when the encounter occurs.

When the meeting or encounter does occur, it happens suddenly and otherwise unannounced: "They" are "suddenly" just there. Then it is as if a period of my normal life, and the time slot that life is lived in, has been set aside, outside of time itself, as it were, at least for the duration of the encounter/meeting. When it is over, there is a sudden "awakening," again if you will, though there is never a doubt within your mind and consciousness as to the substantive or tactile nature of the experience of an actual reality that you have just left.

I am only explaining all of this in detail so that those of you who do follow the recommendations of this article will know what to fully expect from your experience and encounter. In addition, I felt compelled to include this information as a sort of" unofficial warning", not out of any concern or fear for anyone's safety, sanity, or security (were you to be so fortunate as I have certainly been in my involvement with these beings) but rather because of the stress and fear that often can come about in people of an extremely nervous, fragile, or compromised emotional nature when dealing with such an obvious "unknown" as these types of unusual circumstances often present.

If you are the kind of person who gets extremely excited , emotionally upset, or suffers from frequent panic attacks, paranoia, or fear when you are involved in unpredictable situations, regardless if the situation or involvement gave no reason for concern or fear or paranoia, then perhaps such an adventure and sojourn into what, most people would certainly call, the "unknown" is not for you. However, for all others, the procedures and recommendations that follow are as safe as the comfort and warmth of your own bed.

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