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A New Look At Dana Howard’s "Up Rainbow Hill"
Encounters With A Space Sister From A Far Off World
by Sean Casteel

Posted: 11:55 February 3, 2010

Dana Howard

Female contactee Dana Howard published her book "Up Rainbow Hill" in 1959. It has long been out of print until recently, and its reemergence through a timely reprint by Global Communications should be met with open arms by those intrigued by the 1950s and the Golden Age of Flying Saucers. There has been a resurgence of interest in the contactee movement due in part to the classic books that Global Communications has reprinted so far. The new editions include "Pioneers of Space" by George Adamski and Orfeo Angelucci’s pair of bestsellers "Son of the Sun" and "Secret of the Saucers" combined together in one volume. Another title by Dana Howard, "Over the Threshold," will be available soon. A whole new generation of believers can now fill in the gaps of their education in the history of UFOs by reading some of the essential literary efforts of that bygone era.

It was a time in history when the study of UFOs was still in its infancy and the underlying truth of the phenomenon was pretty much up for grabs. One could choose from the nuts-and-bolts approach of Donald Keyhoe or the sophisticated psychological/symbolism interpretation by Sigmund Freud’s pupil Carl G. Jung. Or one could pick from among the many contactees, a group in which Dana Howard has seldom gotten her due – either as a pioneering feminist or as an uplifting preacher for the New Age.

One of the most crucial of Howard’s encounters with the alien presence happened in 1939, 20 years prior to "Up Rainbow Hill." To quote from her earlier book "Flight To Venus," which she herself quotes in "Up Rainbow Hill," "My body became alive with a peculiar tingling glow. In an instant, the feeling permeated every cell and atom of my being. It seemed to be dancing to the ecstasy of strange, polarized currents. The door to my mind opening and closing caused my consciousness to swing back and forth between reality and unreality.

"I leaped to my feet," Howard continued, "as if to herald some cosmic drama. Then IT came, starting at my ankles like a gorgeous display of lighted fireworks . . . a transcendent violet flame that fanned out until it enveloped my body like an aura of sacred fire. As the flames grew in intensity, extending over a wide periphery, the flame raced through every cell, cleansing and purifying as it went. Channels of my mind that had been tightly closed before opened up like a lotus flower. I was vibrant, magnetic, and I could feel the effervescence of an enthusiasm I had never felt before. My heart beating in rhapsodic rhythm was tuned in now to the heartbeat of the universe. I was no longer a citizen of a little, inhibited world, but a guest in the World Universal. I was no longer a separate entity, a human personality, but a part and parcel of every inch of God’s glorious creation. In that minute I knew, as others before have known, the true meaning of the Unity and Oneness of All.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: Up Rainbow Hill

To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: Son Of The Sun:Secret of the Saucers (Book and Audio CD)

To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: Pioneers of Space - The Long Lost Book of George Adamski: A Trip To Moon, Mars and Venus

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