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How Alien Abductions Appear to Be Dreams
by Paul Schroeder

(Copyright 2010, Paul Schroeder - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 20:03 February 7, 2010

How Alien Abductions Appear to Be Dreams from President Obama
Despite my powerful consciousness and its ability to perceive accurately there are many times when I find myself in a dreamlike state unaware of in those moments  what is illusion and what is real.

The scenarios of alien abductions, the imposed imagery and the motives and tactics of the aliens reside in the human psyche in a realm similar to dream and hallucination.

These abducting entities engage in commando tactics in the darkest hours before dawn, thus their abductions seem to border on another reality in itself.

One is taken in REM sleep and psychically wrapped in a cocoon; a short umbilical psychic leash, a snug little imposed dream, connects one to the imposing alien mind as one is taken and led around a craft and one is none the wiser.

But one awakens carrying a nightmare on one's face.

Because of alien imposed hypnotic suggestions and other mind altering techniques and because

the human mind will dismiss that which it cannot contextualize, meaningfully, many terrifying abductions are cloaked and dismissed as just' bad dreams'.

Worse, it appears that these alien entities are not just extraterrestrial but are extra dimensional in origin.

This does not negate their reality; they are able to 'solidify' when they emerge into our 'density.'

Ready for another intellectual shock ?

Most sentient races of beings from myriad star systems throughout the universe are commonly non physical; the majority of sentient life civilizations in the universe is carried within nonphysical ethereal bodies and minds.

They are not formless; they are just not physical.

Our physical reality on this planet is only one of a few rare exceptions.
In the universe it is rare to be so physically embodied!

Thus, the alien realm is very much another reality.

Abductee's are not only physically taken, but are more often astrally taken; more frequently, one's ethereal self, one's spirit is taken in inter dimensional efficacy.

One's astral energy retains all of the conscious decision making and all of the identity maintaining features of our physical bodies. 

Astral abductions are easier than transporting a physical body through walls into a nonphysical dimension.

One's body feels electrified and is completely tingling in vibrations as the ethereal body is teased away from the corporeal body by alien technology, in a manner resembling magic.
If one awakens in the midst of such a separation, and many do, and sees two sets of legs and two sets of arms one may indeed believe that one is dying.
 The word,"dreams", used by many abductees to describe their alien abductions is an impotent language word and should not be taken literally; it merely describes the surrounding surreal, dreamlike quality of the abduction experience.

While those abductees who use the word,"dreams", are all too fully aware of the solid reality of their experiences, that other dimension has rules of its own.
 One can float to a place by willing oneself to traverse the distance.
As we are stronger and have more powerful muscles than the Pillsbury Doughboy looking abducting entities, we are taken in REM sleep, for their self protection.

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