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John MilorJohn Milor is an author of several books, and radio talk show guest for numerous programs, including the Art Bell show. His interest in understanding paranormal phenomenon began at the age of five after hearing his great grandmother's tale of seeing a UFO hovering over the plains of Kentucky during broad daylight, shortly following the turn of the century. This story, as well as numerous otherworldly encounters of his own, fueled his quest of the unknown. His life literally became an episode of the X-Files on a number of occasions, when he reached the age of twenty one, and was visited by none other than Jesus Christ, in a vision. Since that time, Milor has become a born again Christian, yet continues to investigate paranormal phenomenon, now with a Bible in one hand, and research documentation in the other hand. John has earned two Associates degrees and a Bachelor degree in Business, and works as a Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard. He lives with his family in Fresno, California. All are invited to visit his website to read all his books; they are posted online in their entirety for free reading: Milor operates a website @, and welcomes emails as well:

Visions and Physical Manifestations
by John W. Milor

Posted: 15:09 February 21, 2010

Before getting into the difference between visions and physical manifestations, I have a rather lengthy introduction to describe one of my primary sources of information for this article. The Bible describes a number of experiences received by holy men of the past, who had divine encounters of various kinds. Some of these encounters were in dreams or trances, while others were during times of full consciousness. The primary difficulties in biblical interpretation of these passages are the vast difference in time, culture, geography, and in linguistics. But if one were to meet a man who has such other-worldly experiences in this day and age, then all that is left to interpret is the simple abstract nature of dreams, visions, or physical manifestations, and the barrier of time is eliminated, with differences in culture, geography, and linguistics, minimized to a negligible level in comparison to the days of the Bible. I have met such a man, and have been learning from him about a number of spiritual things that the Bible speaks of.

Just last year, I recently came into contact with an interesting young Christian man who stated that he had been fighting off the symptoms of astral projection, such as sleep paralysis, various odd noises, and strange vibrations, for most of his life. For many years, he had no idea what these unsettling episodes were about. After researching the matter, he came to the realization that his symptoms might have something to do with out of body experiences, (aka astral projection). Finally growing weary with struggling against these symptoms, he decided one evening to simply go with the flow, and stop fighting them. He suddenly found himself floating above his bed, able to pass through the ceiling of his bedroom, and fly outside above his house. Fear suddenly gripped him concerning the reality of his situation and he immediately returned to his body like a stretched rubber band snapping back into place.

This is about the time that his research led him to my website and he emailed me about it, since I am among the few Christians who have written about this subject without definitively concluding that it's all satanic. We have since become e-pals, and he has initiated an experimental phase whereby he's ‘testing the spirits' of this phenomenon, in order to determine if its origin is something either from the Lord, or from Satan. He was and still is of the opinion that this ability comes from God, since all true gifts originate from the Lord, and Satan only perverts gifts. He is a born again Christian, sold out to Jesus, he prays, fasts, and regularly meditates on the Word of God, so it seemed unlikely that God would allow Satan to perpetrate something like this. Nevertheless, he was open and willing to accept the possibility that Satan could be given a long leash, as he was with Job in the book of Job, and perhaps be allowed to attempt to lead him astray.

My first advice to him was to start with a simple prayer, as follows: "God, if this is not from you, please take it away from me, in the name of Jesus; I want nothing to do with it if it is not from you. If this is from you, however, then tonight, bring it on full force, energize it, and give me the courage to move forward with power, and discernment on what to do next."

That night, the vibrations struck him like a bolt of lightning unlike ever before. He effortlessly popped out of his body, melted through the roof of his house, then blasted off into outer space, witnessing the awe inspiring spectacle of the Earth from outer orbit! Again the overwhelming sensation of having his reality contorted in such an extreme fashion resulted in him snapping back into his body like a taut rubber band.

When Dave, (I'll call him Dave from here on out), told me about what happened, it struck me as uncharacteristic of God to allow Satan the unbridled authority to bring on an even more powerful satanic attack against a Christian, who was completely powerless against what was happening to him, and also praying to God for help and discernment in the matter. Nevertheless, I still advised extreme caution, and suggested that if he popped out of his body again, to think about seeing Jesus. After all, if he was really outside of his body, and also a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, (Ephesians 2:19), then why would he not be allowed to visit there if in such a situation? How could he go wrong that way? Perhaps this is what happened to the Apostle Paul as he described being caught up and not even knowing if he was in or out of his body, (2 Corinthians 12:2), and the Apostle John as he described something similar in Revelation (Revelation 4:1)?

At first Dave felt that a trip to heaven would be too intense to jump right into, but I finally convinced him to go for it. First, however, he decided to include a three day fast in conjunction with his prayers, to prepare himself for the journey. He was quite possibly going before an audience with the King of Kings, and while I explained to him that there was nothing he could do to improve his spiritual appearance before God that Jesus didn't already do for him, it simply seemed more appropriate to him to do this. Scripture does speak of fasting as something that gives a special type of spiritual strength, and doing a fast certainly wouldn't hurt, so we agreed it would be a good idea.

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