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Beautiful balls of light seen at the statue of Prompt Succor at New Orleans
by Carolyn Shield

Posted: 00:05 February 12, 2010

Photograph by Carolyn Shield

Congratulations New Orleans Saints in their win of the 2010 Superbowl!

The statue above is the Prompt Succor statue renowned for her miracles. I took this picture early am at the Ursuline convent home of this beautiful statue that came from France. I took it on 1/2/2010 early morning with the start of the New Year in 2010. It was a beautiful day.

Can you see the balls of light and pentagrams of colored light that surrounds her and the crown of baby Jesus. Some people call these balls of light specks of dust, reflections from a flash, but I didnít use my flash on my camera. Some physicists who have explored earth energies that are enhanced at shrines and temples see these "ball of lights" on their photographs as a reflection of unknown energy. This is an extremely beautiful one of rainbow colors and beautiful green and purple.

I have counted at least 10 orbs surrounding the statue of Prompt Succour some of them pentagrams of light. The Ursuline convent is one of the oldest buildings in Southern America. The statue was brought over from France during the time of Napoleon. She has many miracles attributed to her and she is called "Sweetheart" by the sisters. She is given credit for the miracle win of the Battle of New Orleans in 1812 by Andrew Jackson. The women of Orleans prayed to Our Lady for a American victory. The Battle of New Orleans saved America.

I donít know what these lights are around the statue but there is a possibility that the grounds of the Ursuline convent and the statue attract these light energies. Iím just sharing that I might have captured them. I will have to say that there is an incredible energy given off in New Orleans by the residents there. The celebration of the New Orleans Saints could be that human mind energy that shines with hope and reflects these rainbows of colors. The convent has an incredible history. Letters from President Jefferson and President Madison are on the walls there.

Picture by Carolyn Shield Order of Saint Lazarus

The Lazarist chapel is a beautiful chapel made by the Order of Saint Lazarus who can be called "Children of Saint Vincent."

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