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Leonardo da Vinci Was Truly A Genius But Was He A Prophet?
by Carolyn Shield

Posted: 11:45 February 4, 2010

Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper the picture from Wikipedia

In Leonardo da Vinci‘s Last Supper for many centuries the populace had been told that a man sits beside Jesus. Da Vinci created that androgynous figure sitting next to Jesus. The genius is that I looked on the painting for most of my life seeing a man there the young John. I was told that women were not allowed at the table. The Last Supper was about Communion. It is the sacrament of wine and bread that we partake in memory of him. As a child I looked on seeing only men at the table and that women were not allowed. The chosen twelve apostles were selected and they were all men. After the book Da Vinci Code Dan Brown’s book we are told that a woman Mary Magdalene is sitting at the table.

Now my consciousness takes an opposite turn and I see a woman seated at the table. When a woman is sitting there next to him at the supper table, it changes consciousness. Now we see women allowed to sit at the table and participate in the sacrament. Da Vinci a crusader for women rights and a prophet seeing that this day would come.

A woman is there now seated right next to him. The consciousness opens up with all the possibilities of marriage, friendship, the Beloved Apostle, children, and equality. Is Da Vinci foretelling the future where we see women as Prime Ministers, Supreme Court justices, and ministers of faith? The door opens up and consciousness light shines with a whole different perspective on life.

Another work of Da Vinci is the Madonna on the Rocks which is another example of Da Vinci using that androgynous archangel Uriel. Archangel Uriel shares Mary Magdalene’s fate in that this angel is demoted from his fourth Archangel position to Saint. Mary Magdalene was a prostitute of which the bible tells us she wasn’t and Uriel is booted out of his site because the Pope only wanted Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Pope Zachary in 745 Ad booted him out do to fear of angel worship. Again we are told angels are male. Da Vinci paints a androgynous Uriel letting the viewer choose if this archangel is male or female. I there are women on earth wouldn’t God have women in heaven?

Virgin on the Rocks by Da Vinci picture courtesy of Wikipedia

It is amazing that Da Vinci had the audacity to place the booted out Uriel in the picture. Uriel and Magdalene reputations have both been hurt by the Vatican. Uriel is the archangel who protected Jesus and his family. In this painting Uriel guides John the Baptist family who were relatives of Mother Mary to safety and a family reunion in Egypt. Uriel is the angel with the flaming sword which guards the gate of Eden.

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