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Jack's Story of Leviation in New York City
by Lyle Michel

Posted: 16:00 March 19, 2007

Jack's Story of Leviation in New York City
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My name is Lyle Michel and it is my belief that certain members of the human race can perform levitation. Approximately a year ago I met a gentleman, (living in Las Vegas, same as myself) at a party hosted by a friend. The aforementioned gentleman, (Jack) spoke of having witnessed an event at a party he attended in the middle 1970's. He was living in New York City at the time. It was so extraordinary in nature that he wouldn't have expected other's to believe him. He kept what he witnessed private for over thirty years.

Jack's Story

He had been invited by a business acquaintance to a party located in a Brownstone Apartment a few blocks east of New York's Metropolitian Museum of Art, but the address of the museum as well as the residence has long been forgotten. As I understand it the apartment had very high ceilings on the order of 20 plus feet. At the party many guests repeatedly asked their host, if he had intentions of performing that evening? Jack mentions not having the slightest idea what everybody was referring to, since he knew only one other person at the party and chose not to make inquiries as to what they may have been expecting from their host?

Approximately two hours after he arrived, (approximately 10-10:30 pm) the host entered what appeared to be a den/study in his home and asked for total silence. About a dozen people were in this room including Jack. Other partygoers heard that their host was about to make an important announcement. The other guests quickly entered the room bringing the total present to about 30-35 people.

My friend, Jack, is 6' 4'' and because of his height he was asked to take command of a window pole like those utilized in New York City schools to open/close second tier windows in classrooms. Jack reports having no idea whatsoever why he might have been asked to either open or close individual second tier windows, but agreed to do so in an effort to get the show on the road so to speak.

Jack report's not remembering if the host positioned himself upon the floor, or if he might have been upon a sofa for there were so many people blocking his field of vision, and besides his concentration was more upon the second tier windows than upon the party's host.

But wherever the host had positioned himself, before beginning his performance, he asked for and quickly attained complete silence. Then after two to three minutes passed the host began to slowly ascend toward the ceiling. The time frame of the event was about 8-10 minutes before the host reached his apex, and afforded Jack the needed time to get through the crowd of astounded onlookers and close the second tier windows. He truly feared if he hadn't closed the window the host may have floated away!

Jack assures me this happened exactly as he describes.

I believe Jack and his story of this strange performance: He is very creditable!

I also believe Criss Angel, David Blaine and other professional magicians are enormously talented people who may indeed possess the ability to levitate, in a similar fashion, as witnessed by Jack. I truly hope some of you find this interesting?

(Copyright 2007, Lyle Michel)

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