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Polish UFO Sightings On 13th and 14th March 2007
by Piotr Cielebiaś

Posted: 13:20 March 21, 2007

The 13th and 14th day of March 2007 marks three observations of unidentified objects in night skies in Poland. On 13th March a strange disc-like zigzagging light was seen in Rzeszow area by three witnesses. On the same day a man in Sandomierz photographed a unusual pulsating object that remained in the sky for 30 minutes. On the next day a formation of 4 star-like objects making unusual and rapids arrangements in the sky was seen above the capital city of Poland.

Three separate UFO incidents occurred on 13th and 14th day of March in various parts of Poland. I present here three sightings of NL type that took place in Rzeszów [Podkarpackie, South-Eastern Poland], Sandomierz [Swietokrzyskie, Southern part of Central Poland] and Warsaw [Mazowieckie].
All of these sightings involved nocturnal lights of various types and behavior.


As it turned out, repeated measurements conducted just after the aforementioned ones, didn't found any anomalies.

On 13th March 2007 at about 8 pm. Mr. Lukas B. [28] from Rzeszów [Resovia, Podkarpackie] along with his fiancee and mother noticed a strange behaving "disc-shaped" object in the sky over Rzeszow that for dozen of minutes remained in zigzagging motion, leaving the witnesses stunned.

"At 19:55 while returning by car along with my Mother and fiancée, passing through Milocinska street in Rzeszów and approaching Baranowka neighborhood I saw by the car pane a bright light high in the sky, that drew my attention" - said the witness.

After several minutes the car with three passengers stopped at a nearby meadow. When they arrived at the place, they began observing it from inside of the car but after a while they went outside. The object was visible in the night sky, pulsating noticeably with orange light. According to the witnesses the object was bigger that stars and planes (one of them was seen at the time of sighting).

Although the object was small in dimension it resembled a "disc" to the witnesses and was moving with unstable motion, changing unexpectedly its speed and way of flight. That fact made the witnesses believe that they saw rather a strange thing.

"Although the object was far away and wasn't well visible it resembled me a disc. Moreover, my fiancée can also assert it. I saw a light and something resembling less bright 'rims of the plate'. It was moving right, very slowly and then it accelerated heading downward. It perform some 'swirls' and then began flying upside down - it resembled a bouncing ball. We also noticed that some smudge was sometimes visible at the both edges of it" - the witness said. He also added that the object was able to stop in the air for a while.

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