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Jaye Beldo writes for Dream Network Journal, Mysteries Magazine, Paranoia and Pulse. He has discussed his work on radio programs such as Untamed Dimensions, The Grassy Knoll, The Robin Zodiac Show, Out There Radio, BBC and Capital Radio London, WGN Chicago and WLW Cincinnatti. He is the author of the New Age Murder Mystery 'A Stab in the Light'. Go to WWW.Stabinthelight.Com To access links to his blog and internet articles. He can be reached
(C)-2007-Jaye Beldo

Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology Part II
by Jaye Beldo

Posted: 11:11 March 24, 2007


The first part of this article has evoked many responses from readers, serving to remind me that dream manipulation and MK is so pervasive that it can no longer be dismissed as a 'fringe' subject whatsoever. It seems that those who are most targeted are abductees, psychics, intuitive healers, holistic health practitioners and others who are tirelessly and fearlessly working to raise the consciousness of this planet, encouraging others to re-claim their own abilities to see the manipulators at hand.

We indeed have a great opportunity in regards to furthering our own abilities to overcome the underhanded attempts to invade the privacy of our very own psyches. I believe that we can very well succeed in doing this, using the resources deep within ourselves, which I'll attempt to describe in Part II below. I want to thank the many readers who shared similar dream stories and referred me to books such as Steven Greer's "Hidden Truth-Forbidden Knowledge" Jim Keith's book on "Alternative 3," etc.

Thanks again to all of you who responded.

Since the posting on UFO Digest website of my article entitled, "Dream Manipulation and Mind Control Technology," both dream and MK attacks have intensified to the point where they are pretty much ongoing now. Weekends seem to be the worse for some reason (coinciding with intensive Chem-trail spraying in the area where I live) - yet I somehow manage to maintain a detached perspective on the phenomena, as it isn't wise to respond emotionally and react, as the "targeters" want us to.

So far, I've been "whammied" with everything from malign radionics, originating from internet Satanists and other digital ne'er do wells, remote viewers/influencers that I manage to psychically see -possibly residing at the nearest Air Force base (as suggested by a reader of Part I of this article) and the usual spate of hyper-dimensional vampires.

One thing they all have in common is that they have tried their very best "to zap me," but not to much avail - thanks to the above mentioned detachment - mostly sustained from years and years of meditation, karma yoga (service to others) and maintaining healthy connections with like-minded individuals (the latter is the most important IMHO as reality checks will help preserve and maintain sanity). On one most noteworthy night, just prior to waking up, they were attempting to olfactorally manipulate me; causing me to actually hallucinate the smells of noxious, sulpherous fumes reminiscent of raw sewage.

There is not enough space for this article to describe the multiple and varied ways they have tried to get into my mind. I've been under such sustained attack that I've actually developed some rather thick calluses on my aura. In spite of these attempts at sabotage, I've come to believe that we all have the ability to develop our defenses against these intrusions into what should be the privacy of our own minds and bodies, without compromising our receptivity and openness to others.

The dream/MK saboteurs seem to take pleasure in constantly reminding me of how they are able to monitor my activities during the daylight hours. As an example, I had an afternoon phone conversation with a radio host who wanted me to appear on his show to discuss the CIA infiltration of the 60's counter culture movement. For some reason my cell phone cut out midway, thus severing our connection. That night, I dreamed about not only the cell phone cutting out over and over but also all of the radio host's broadcasting equipment malfunctioning during our live interview.

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