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Human Mutilations:
The Sum of All Fears

by Scott Corrales
(Copyright 2007, Scott Corrales)

Posted: 01:30 March 3, 2007

Over the past three or four decades, scholars of the paranormal have become inured to the images of mutilated cattle that appear in books and magazines, and more recently on the Internet. The image of Colorado's "Snippy" the horse is still the yardstick by which such photographs are measured: the black and white image of the horse's bare skull and gaping black eye sockets have caused more than one viewer to have nightmares.

Human Mutilations: the Sum Of All Fears

The lifeless cows with gaping holes in their bodies, missing udders or cleanly removed patches of skin are simply part and parcel of this line of inquiry. But there exists a border that is mentally hard to cross - the possibility that our fellow humans may have succumbed, on one occasion or another, separated by time and space, to a devastating, unknown force that relieves them of their vital fluids. Few photographs exist, but those that do pack an emotional punch that is exponentially stronger than the time-tested images of slain bovines.

The Punta Arenas Exsanguinations

According to Chilean researcher Raul Nuñez of the IIEE organization, a curious and downright terrifying account of human mutilation took place in the vicinity of Punta Arenas - along with Ushuaia, one of the southernmost centers of population in the Americas. No specific date exists for the incident, and that will probably constitute sufficient grounds for hardened skeptics to turn up their noses. But the time frame given is 1977-1978, when other high strangeness events were taking place in Chile and in South America as a whole, like the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of Corporal Valdez on the outskirts of Putre.

On the outskirts of Punta Arenas - four miles south of the city, to be exact - a man named "Juan" felt the urge to put up a rabbit hutch on his property. He acquired all of the necessary elements and built the cages himself, placing the rabbits within them and visiting his smallholding every weekend. All went well until one particular weekend, the one in which he arrived to find his animals dead.

Heartbroken but eminently practical, Juan set about to secure the animal's fur and flesh, discovering in the process that the rabbits had been bled dry, a curious phenomenon that did not keep him from stocking the hutch with more bunnies and starting over. When he returned to his property the following weekend, he found his new purchases dead - and completely bloodless, as the first ones. Angrily, he demanded an answer from his neighbors, who had none to give. No one had seen anything.

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