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A “Lost” Trent Farm Photo Surfaces?
by Regan Lee

A “Lost” Trent Farm Photo Surfaces?
Photo of Trent Farm UFO

It’s possible this “lost” third photo is a hoax. Like many revelations of “hoaxes” decades past the original event, it’s often just as hard to prove the supposed hoax was indeed a hoax, as it is or was to prove the original sighting or encounter wasn’t.

If this photo turns out to be exactly what they say it is -- a “lost” third Trent photo taken by Paul Trent -- then what? Does it prove the Trent’s were lying and made up the whole thing? How can any of this be proved at all?

Obviously analysis needs to be made on this “lost” photo, and a negative would be a good start.

Like other so-called exposes and revelations of UFO hoaxes, a lot of care needs to be taken before accepting anything new as true.

While all this hoaxing, or non-hoaxing, is annoying, and only injects more confusion into an already confused realm, it's to be expected. UFO and Fortean phenomena are full of hoaxers, liars, pranksters, disinformation artists. It's a given these things exist; it's a natural part of the phenomenon itself. And so, while it is irritating and confusing, it is also to be expected. It's just another aspect out of many in the Trickster world of UFOlogy.

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