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Joe Zias, is an outstanding Israeli biblical anthropologist and scholar who heads up that department at Hebrew University has been investigating the ongoing "discovery" that attempts to debunk Christianity. He has graciously provided the attached summary of his "24 hours per day" work over the past several weeks. He has just posted this report on his web site at

Viewers Guide to Understanding the Talpiot Tomb 'documentary' to be aired on the Discovery Channel
by Joe Zias

Posted: 12:30 March 7, 2007 Jerusalem

NViewers Guide to Understanding the Talpiot Tomb 'documentary' to be
aired on the Discovery Channel
Scene from the movie Lost Tomb of Jesus

Deconstructing the Second and Hopefully Last Coming of Simcha and the BAR Crowd

Cast of Characters- Short Bios

A. J. Cameron, award winning film maker who for some unknown reason decided to make a film on the world of Biblical Archaeology- Producer

B. Simcha J. Canadian film maker who produced the documentary on the James son of Joseph, brother of Jesus ossuary which was deemed to be a forgery by the Israel Antiquities Authority and other experts. The criminal trial is still in progress and SJ testified in Dec. 22, 2005 on behalf of the defense. He is producing and directing a series entitled The Naked Archaeologist' in which he stars. He is not an archaeologist nor does he have any creditability within the profession.

C. The /Biblical Archaeology Review/ crowd hereafter referred to as the BAR crowd. This is a collection of individuals who have been deeply involved with BAR, mainly textual scholars who pose from time to time, when convenient, as archaeologists. Several appear prominently both in the Hebrew and English version of the film.

D. The films 'experts' several of whom hold academic positions with proven track records in every field except Biblical Archaeology. Most experts however have no creditability within the profession. Charles Pellegrino is an example of this. His past books are The Ghosts of Atlantis, Ghosts of Vesuvius, Rtn to Sodom and Gomorrah, and Unearthing Atlantis. The first two deal with psychic phenomena while the last two deal with mythical places. He co-authored the book as well as appears from time to time in the film.

E. Experts II, those individuals and colleagues who appear in the film, totally unaware of the premise of the documentary, all of whom I have contacted are totally opposed to the evidence as presented, out of context as well as edited in such a way as to give the false impression that they are in agreement with the film. Seems we are more difficult to fool.

F. The Others- a host of individuals and colleagues connected to the profession whom have not only been supportive but have supplied much of the information for the viewers guide. To them, I am indebted.


The Hype upon the unsuspecting public as a documentary with a budget of over 4 million dollars (may be Canadian) produced over a period of 4 years.

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