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Stephen Yulish was always interested in UFOs and was a member of NICAP and APRO in the 1960s after reading Project Bluebook. He studied astronomy and exobiology at Case Western Reserve University and graduated in 1969. He eventually became a History Professor at The University of Arizona for seven years where he visited Allen Hyneck's Tucson group. He became interested in Bible Prophecy after he had a headon collision with Jesus Christ in 1988. He is presently disabled with MS and writes about endtime scenarios. Email Stephen Yulish. Visit Stephen Yulish's website.

Do Not Fear the Coming Apocalypse
by Stephen Yulish PhD

Posted: 12:15 March 5, 2008

Do Not Fear the Coming Apocalypse

Over the last several years, the media has attempted to scare us with stories about the horrors that took place on 9/11, the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the anthrax scare, the bombings in London, Madrid, and Saudi Arabia, international terrorism, dirty bombs exploding in one of our cities, nuclear bombs for North Korea and Iran, the tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, avian bird flu pandemics, illegal immigration, famine in Africa, AIDS spreading all the world, antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, flesh eating bacteria, hepatitis A B and C outbreaks, increased sunspot activity, rising gasoline and natural gas prices, peak oil and sustainability of our way of life, another war in the Middle East, the dire consequences of supposed global warming and even a full blown UFO invasion or worse yet secret UN meetings with extraterrestrials who want to help us prepare for peaceful disclosure of their existence.

No wonder people are fearful.

We are constantly warned in television documentaries about future earthquakes in California and along the New Madrid fault, that the Yellowstone caldera is going to explode, that a gamma ray blast from the sun will annihilate us, that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, about the dangers of recombinant DNA and cloning and that a rogue asteroid or comet could strike us at anytime. Doomsday scenarios abound and impending planetary catastrophes are just around the corner. The end of the world is approaching fast and we are told that we cannot stop it.

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