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Modern science still turns
a blind eye on levitation

Translated by Julia Bulygina

Posted: 03:45 March 10, 2008

Modern science still turns a blind eye on levitation
Modern science still turns a blind eye on levitation
In Oriental mythology gods have one distinguishing feature they could fly. But ordinary mortals, albeit very few, also possess the unique art. For example, Indian Brahmans, yogis, saint hermits, magicians and fakirs master the art of levitation.

The Indian Vedas (translates as knowledge from Sanskrit) contain even practical guidelines to levitation. However, most ancient Indic words and concepts lost their meanings and concepts through the years, which makes it impossible to translate the priceless ancient text into modern languages.

As to ancient levitators, they could raise themselves up to 90 centimeters above the ground. They did so because the position with feet above the ground was more comfortable for them in terms of their religious rituals. They never levitated to startle anyone.

In ancient times levitation was practiced in India and Tibet. Buddhist texts say that in 527 A.D. Hindu founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma, visited the Tibetan Shaolin Monastery and taught the monks to control the body energy, which is a mandatory condition for levitation. Buddha himself practiced levitation too, as well as his mentor Sammat who could stay in the air for hours.

Nowadays, Indian and Tibetan people still practise levitation. Most oriental researchers described the phenomenon of flying lamas in their works. For example, British explorer Alexandra David-Neel watched with her own eyes a Buddhist monk sitting motionless in the lotus position , flying tens of meters, touching the ground and raising up again the way a ball bounces up and down after a throw.

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