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Received in reply to the Editor of UFO Digest
on a recently sent email post (referred to as "the poser" below)

A Commentary on Distraction:
Modern Media,
Television and Thought Control

By Troy Deane

(Copyright 2008, Troy Deane - All Rights Reserved)

Oddly some of my most profound realisations have come when I was thinking of nothing in particular, just letting my mind "float;" certainly that is true re cosmological and deeper psychological speculations. Two days ago I became aware of something heretofore obscured by its grandiose immediacy, perhaps also by its combination of vastness and organization. When one is caught in the rain, one may be oblivious to the storm from which it descends.

As anyone even vaguely aware of the contemporary world understands, essentially, it make little or no difference who becomes the next president, as ultimately they are all of the same shadow party, governmental-military-corporatism, and manipulated by the same overarching control on the national level and, above that, the international one, on the surface represented by the Bildiberg Group, The Council on Foreign Affairs, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the major petroleum and financial interests, etc., and above that . . . .

Yet, considering how "the people" have arisen on so many earlier occasions, even recently with the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the War Between the States, the Spanish Civil War, and so on down the long list, why is it that Americans sit mutely and passively by permitting their country to be thrust into a disastrous and clearly pointless (save to steal oil) war, a cataclysmic corruption of the economy, a vast erosion of personal freedoms, the degeneration of the Constitution and the liberties therein provided, innumerable instances of malfeasance in office, rigged elections and a stolen presidency, with every likelihood of it happening again in half a year, etc., ad infinitum. And all this has elicited is an indifferent disagreement with a vague conception of what has happen, when there has been any response at all.

Perhaps the poser sent to me recently, a "magical" illusion achieved by misdirection, set something in my mind working. Certainly I have not read Brave New World (Aldous Huxley), nor 1984 (George Orwell), nor It Can't Happen Here (Sinclair Lewis) for a long time, but clearly recall them all, and recently I became aware that in those brief irregular periods I spend away from my work trying to find something relaxing and distracting on television, save for an occasional old film (which only supplements the point I am about to make)---it provides little or nothing.

The overwhelming majority of all television time—in excess of ninety percent—consists of three preoccupations, distractions, or, to cite my allusion to the "magical" problem I dispatched recently, misdirection. And as would be expected it is done brilliantly. For while this country doesn't know how to run many things efficiently, it excels in two: advertising and public relations and the corporate dominance of society. Here we are dealing with the former, the sole purpose of which is to make the watcher, the listener, preoccupied, even entranced, by what he/she is watching, hearing, and absorbing. The pitch, as it is called in the persuasion business, is less apparent and more basic than might be imagined. It is specifically to not let the subject know that it is the preoccupation of attention—not the product that is the primary purpose of the promotion.

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