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Bill Foster Bill Foster worked in sales and marketing management for the first 35 years of his career. For the past 15 years he has been self-employed running a small service business in New England. Bill has written ten (10) non-fiction books, none of which were related to this subject matter. His latest book: "THE BLACK TRIANGLE ABDUCTION", published just one year ago now appears on over 150 websites and is a critical success. Bill and his wife, Peggy, decided, as a result of their abductions to start a website for folks, like themselves, who have no idea where to get relevant information about the subject of UFO's, abduction and aliens. Most importantly the site has a list of hypnotherapists both nationwide and worldwide who are willing to help people who would like to know if they have been abducted. The website is non-commercial, non-profit, non-political, non-religious, no membership, sign-in or password needed. The site just has plain and simple information and referral, for folks who want help. It is:

What are they doing here?
What do they want?

by Bill Foster

(Copyright 2008, Bill Foster - All Rights Reserved)

01:00 March 12, 2008


Filter out all the non-essential questions human beings have ever posed to, or thought, or asked of a gray alien, and you are left with just two pressing questions we humans have been pondering for the past five decades: What are the aliens doing? And what do they want?

As a lifetime abductee of the grays I can give you only my subjective perspective of the complicated answers to these two questions. No "absolutes" are available on this subject . It was Dr. John Mack who told me: "Two species we know are liars. . .human politicians and the grays." This article is based on communications and instructions I have received from the grays as well as my own observations and recollections, during only those specific timeframes.

I am not an abductee who believes in the benevolence of the grays. I take no solace in any idea the grays are here for our benefit or to enhance or enrich human lives. I think the grays are here to fulfill a specific agenda of their own. This agenda appears rigid, inflexible, urgency-driven and it will be completed, I believe, in spite of any attempt humans may make to interfere with it. There is also no compelling reason the grays should reveal their overall plans to us, and they have not.

If there are to be any fringe benefits to mankind from the alien agenda, it will be only an unintentional bi-product, not part of any primary alien goal. For example, if some of our technology 'leaps' in the past several decades derived from back-engineered equipment from a crashed alien vehicle, that would be a beneficial, unintended, bi-product for humans of the overall alien agenda. (For specific reference check Phillip Corso's book, "The Day After Roswell.")

I believe the alien agenda on earth has three main goals¾hybridization, research, and emotional understanding¾which I will examine in this article.


After reading massive quantities of reports and summaries of abductions of both human males and females, I conclude the grays are extremely interested in human reproduction.

In hundreds if not thousands of cases, abductees report genital examinations, pregnancy testing, egg implantation, etc., which lead me to believe crossbreeding with humans is a fundamental objective of the grays. Why? They will produce offspring with genetic and emotional traits of both human and alien alike. Why?

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