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"No FOIA Favoritism!"
by Grant Cameron

Posted: 20:30 March 21, 2008

According to the Associated Press, Judicial Watch, a conservative group suing the Clinton Library for all of Hillary Clinton's First Lady Files, has been granted discovery by the Federal Judge handling the case. U.S. District Judge James Robertson authorized a lawyer for the group Judicial Watch to explore how many UFO FOIA requests are in the document release program and when they were filed. The JW lawyer will also question why UFO files were released prior to the Hillary material that they filed for three months (late) after the whole process began.

Judicial Watch has already won one lawsuit for the 10,000+ pages of Hillary Clinton schedules which were just released by the Clinton Library. JW filed the lawsuit in 2007 for the material and the Clinton Library created a new queue for "multiple requests." This action moved the Judicial Watch up from 167th to the front of the new queue where it was processed.

I have repeatedly stated that UFO Disclosure should be treated like any other social or political issue that the public wants government to change. In the present situation we are up against a major legal entity fighting for the Hillary files. They have done their work and have pushed their issue right or wrong. To win the UFO community must fight back. If we don't we deserve to stay in the dark. We should not expect others to give up or do our work for us.

The Judicial Watch lawsuit how in front of a Federal Court involves 20,000 pages plus they have another lawsuit involving millions of pages. If JW wins their requests they will tie up the archivists at the Clinton Library for years. This will delay the UFO files from being released until after the Hillary files are processed.

The Clinton Library will be arguing on the side of the UFO document release because that request was made first and the library policy is first in first out. Their e-mail is

If you can do nothing else send them an e-mail and encourage them to stick with the law which is on ourside

The Court Brief filed by Judicial Watch is at:

I have also attached the Hillary August 1995 schedule for people who did not have Word 2007


Grant Cameron

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