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Sir Eric Gairy:
Prime Minister of Grenada
His UN UFO Meeting
And His E.T. Secret

by Wesley H. Bateman

(Copyright 2006-2008 - All Rights Reserved)

18:00 March 12, 2008

UN Meeting on UFOs - July 14, 1978
Left to right: Gordon Cooper, Jacques Vallee, Claude Poher, J. Allen Hynek, Prime Minister of Grenada, Sir Eric Gairy, UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim and David Saunders.

Sir Eric M. Gairy, Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs of the Caribbean Island nation of Grenada, spoke before the United Nations, General Assembly, Thirty-Third Session, 32nd Plenary Meeting, on Thursday, 12 October 1978.

The key points of Sir Eric's U.N. speech, which are relative to this article, are quoted below and underlined.

"182: During our four years of membership in the United Nations we have raised many matters of importance, some of which have been considered innovative, others were current and regular, but our views ushered in new thoughts about them, thoughts that aroused new vistas in an attempt to tackle traditional thought-patterns.

And still further, we have been introducing some very thought-provoking subjects of world importance and world concern, subjects considered by some to be strange and extraneous, but which we feel are sufficiently important and significant to merit our constant articulation and review of them, however and whenever the opportunity permits.

Permit me to refer to only a few: the question of women's rights, the universality of God, economic cruelty, the problems of man and his environment, disarmament, man and his material and spiritual behavior, the Bermuda Triangle, unidentified flying objects and
extraterrestrial phenomena, decolonization and territorial integrity, human rights, and undue solace given to terrorists.

It is reported that prior to returning home to Grenada, Sir Eric visited with President Jimmy Carter, during which they discussed their individual UFO sighting experiences and the pending U.N. resolution. It is also reported that Zbigniew Brzezinski attended this meeting.

Sir Eric returned to New York City on March 12, 1979 to meet with then Secretary General of the United Nations, Kurt Walheim.

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