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How to Hide the Truth
by David Obrecht

Posted: 03:45 March 10, 2008

Like a stage magician, or illusionist as they prefer, the audiences attention is called to a particular point. Marked by a large red arrow. While in the mean time the real deal is out in the open but ignored.

How to Hide the Truth

Marked by a large red arrow. While in the mean time the real deal is out in the open but ignored.

How to Hide the Truth

These are the same image. I added the circle and arrow to the right. If you were to crop this, take it to an archaeologist and ask his opinion he will tell you that it is the mark of an old building of some sort. But not if you tell him it's from Mars. If they ask where the picture is from tell them the Southwest but you don't have the exact location. That would be true in a sense, it is SW of someplace on Mars.

The full size images are available; I just did not want to overload the mail server.

These are being shown on several sites, but none that I have contacted acknowledged the contact. And these are not the only such images out there. Many have interesting things hidden in the open because no one is looking at them, just the so-called objects of interest. NASA seems to be learning, even if it is too late.

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