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Alien Memories and Dreams
by Brad Steiger

The Utopians seemed to form the largest category among our interviewees. They appeared to be deliberate planetary colonizers who erected their space domes wherever they traveled in memory of the lifestyle on their world of origin. They were themselves dome-headed, suggestive of a highly evolved brain capacity, and were similar in all recognizable aspects to Homo sapiens. We labelled them "Utopians" because their descriptions of their social and political structures seemed so idealistically perfect.

The Energy Essences were the strangest of all. These interviewees spoke of existences as disembodied entities of pure energy, yet with awareness. In a sense, they were mind/spirit essences, which were able to exist on even inhospitable, barren planets--or in space itself.

In our opinion, these entities were not at all to be confused with angelic intelligences. In many cases, these essences drifted rather purposelessly through space. In other instances, they approached specific planets with the intention of inhabiting already existing physical bodies.

As I suggested, we gained the most information about the Utopians. We heard of a planet with a reddish sky and with two moons. The cities and the individual homes were described as having been of crystal or some material, which was crystalline in effect. The buildings appeared translucent for the most part, but we also heard descriptions of the sun reflecting off spires and turrets. We were often told that the cities were sheltered under protective domes.

The subjects who recalled lives as Utopians expressed a great nostalgia for the culture of that lost planet. The cities seemed to be run according to the ideals of a perfect democracy. Citizens enjoyed total freedom without the harsh by-products of civilization--crime, hunger, and poverty.

Family units as we know them did not seem to exist. Communal living, of a sort, seemed to prevail, although each person had his individual space and privacy.

Numerous interviewees testified that the Utopians ate very sparingly, most often of a concentrated food that was made into a soup-like mixture. The culture was completely vegetarian with no flesh foods of any kind being consumed.

Most of the Utopians remembered themselves as slender, quite short, with big-domed heads. Although they had little body hair and no beards or moustaches, they did mention longish golden hair and eyelashes. Their skin was most often said to be of golden-brown complexion, and their eyes were of a similar color.

Music seemed to be an intrinsic element in their culture, and we were told that it was primarily a free form, no repetitive sound that often became a part of their thoughts.

In contrast to the tranquil, gentle lives of the Utopians, the Refugees' memories and dreams were filled with accounts of violent civil wars, burning cities, global holocausts. Many reported that they had fled the planet before it exploded.

The accounts of a beleaguered, dying planet began to sound so reminiscent of tales of the legendary Atlantis that we speculated whether or not that memory which seemed so indelibly etched in humankind's collective unconscious might not have actually occurred on another planet light years away in space.

Although the Refugees were generally less able to provide us with the kind of detailed information about their culture, which the Utopians had given us, we found a number of these subjects concerned with the recall of antigravity devices, cancer cures. fireproofing formulas, and other advantages of their advanced technology.

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